Employee Expense Report Template

Preparing an Employee Expense Report is simple when you have all the information and the details that you need to populate it with. To begin with, you need all the receipts showing the expenditure that you incurred in the course of business. The rest simply follows.

An Employee Expense Report is a report requesting reimbursement for expenses that you may have incurred that can be reported and that are your department expenses. Ideally, an Employee Expense Report should be prepared and submitted every month. Different companies have different rules regarding the deadline for submitting Employee Expense Reports. In an Employee Expense Report, you should include reportable expenses, travel expenses, transportation and hotel expenses, per-diem expenses, cash expenses, regular travel expenses, and your signature.

Reportable expenses are all expenses that do not include travel. You must attach original receipts with all these expenses. This is why it is important to keep all receipts while on a business lunch or dinner. Keep them in a separate file or envelope so that they are close at hand when you draw up your Employee Expense Report. If you are reporting a meal in your employee expenses report, make sure you write down the names of the people who were with you, the purpose of the meeting and how it helped the business, and the date at the back of the receipt.

A business trip with an overnight stay at the very least, also a travel application that is pre-approved, should be included in Expanse Report. You will be reimbursed for only your expenses and not that of your spouse. Transportation and car rental expense reports should be accompanied by original receipts. If there are expenses for entertainment like movies, those are not liable to be reimbursed. However, different companies have different policies regarding this.

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Here is a useful Employee Expense Report template that can be used to track employee expenses effectively. This is useful for medium to large sized organizations where management requires their staff to report them about the expenses they did during performing office duties and tasks.

Per-diem expenses are petty, everyday expenses. Even so these need to be reported and reimbursed as a part of the Employee Expense Report. This includes entertainment expenses. Air tickets should have the passenger receipt. If the air ticket was booked online, you must take a print of the boarding pass and attach it with the Employee Expense Report. A regular travel report should include the date of travel, the destination, the mileage covered and the per-diem expenses related to travel like gasoline. That is all if the travel is not overnight. This is usually the format for most companies.

Once you have put down all these expenses and attached the necessary document to the Employee Expense Report, add all the amounts and write the total down in the allotted box. The Employee Expense Report will have spaces allotted for the signature of the employee, which is you and the approving authority, which is your superior or the departmental boss. Once all this is done, you can submit your Employee Expense Report to the accounts department. The Employee Expense Report should also have space allocated for you to put in your bank name and account number for the reimbursement for the reimbursement to be done directly into your account.