Auto Expense Report Template

Auto Expense Reports are usually used to create an effective report for your auto expenses. Here you mention how much mileage your vehicle has traveled and also the rate per Gallon to demand for the reimbursement purpose. Further, include your name, contact details, designation and month as a reference if needed later. This Auto Expense Report proves useful in keeping a track of your vehicle’s monthly usage and bills in the name of your company’s account. It can be prepared once in a month specifying all the logs.

In this fast rushing world, everyone aims to reach the zenith, be it a big organization or a small one. Each of them is expanding not only in their proximity but globally. This has given birth to modernization and technically we say it as globalization. The most important asset which helps businesses is its employees. They travel to their clients to maintain business relations and do deep research to find ways to expand their companies. They travel to attend meetings, to crack deals, to go for office parties, etc. Apart from this, travelling personnel might be a worker who is visiting a site office or reaching to a site from the office. Hence, quite a many companies provide transportation facilities to their employees but to avoid misuse and frauds, it is kept under strict vigilance and proper records. Thus, this purpose is solved by Auto Expense Reports. Auto Expense Report is a key to successful budget planning of your organization, and bookkeeping of travelling allowances of your employees might save company a lot of money.

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Auto Expense Reports are official documents covering all the expense of an employee who traveled for office purpose. This report is an Excel sheet (usually), which specifies the time of travel, date, distance between the starting point and the destination, the mileage of the automobile, any route expenses (tolls or other related taxes). The sole purpose of this document is to keep an account of the travelling expenses of the employees and also to ensure that no one is misusing the facility. Also, Auto Expense Reports are useful for employees as they can claim any expenses which were paid by them during their business trip. These reports are easy to prepare and accountant or vigilant employee can easily create their own Auto Expense Reports. However, it is advised to follow certain guidelines to give it a professional look.

To show the table, create an expense sheet on MS Excel as they are easy to fill out and flexible. It is better if the employees keep receipts of hotels, restaurants, petrol pumps etc. These days, electronic receipts are also available which can be directly fed in the reports through software and they are automatically adjusted in the expense reports in Excel. Keep a copy of report for future purpose especially for the company to predict future expenses and budget plans. For the ones who want to save time, auto expense spreadsheets are available on the internet.