Blank Name Badge Template

There are several reasons why Name Badges are important. There are many advantages of a Name Badge, the primary among which is security. It is also a good marketing tool. A Name Badge or tag helps in building a corporate identity. It is a way of branding. The Name Badge of every employee has the logo of the company. This contributes to corporate branding. Worn within the office and sometimes without, it is a very effective way to advertise the company. Name Badges can also be worn to advertise events and special promotions.

A Name Badge is also sort of an introduction to clients and customers. Once you openly state your name and the company you work for, they will be more at ease with you. In business to customer scenarios, a Name Badge makes you an extension of your company. Customers will be able to identify with you more easily.

In big companies, it is not always possible for every employee to remember the names of every other employee. Knowing the names of fellow employees within the company helps foster a sense of camaraderie between employees of different departments, throughout the office. It also brings accountability with it. A Name Badge can clearly identify any person who behaves in a non-professional manner with other employees.

Office security is also paramount in the corporate sector. If all employees wear Name Badges, they can easily be identified as belonging to the company. This leads to any outsider being immediately identified so that action can be taken. This is especially true for companies that deal with expensive equipment, high tech gadgets, or sensitive information. A Name Badge can protect the back office from outsiders.