Merit Certificate Template

Merit Certificate Design guidelines can be found online or in books. Merit Certificates are given to professionals in recognition for exemplary work in their field of occupation. A Merit Certificate Design needs to follow a template. Merit Certificates are given to professionals and therefore should look professional. Merit Certificate Design is not very complicated. A Merit Certificate should have the logo of the company or the name of the field in which the contribution has been made by the particular individual. The date can either be on top or at the bottom. It really depends on which Merit Certificate Design you like the most.

Then comes the contents of the certificate. You have to make mention of the particular contribution or work the certificate is in recognition of. It is advisable to include right at the beginning to avoid ambiguity. That it is a merit award or certificate should also be clearly mentioned in the certificate. The name of the person receiving the Merit Certificate should be mentioned before or after the name of the area of work or profession in which they performed. The Merit Certificate Design should then mention the party or authority awarding the certificate. It should be the name of the company, if it is a company. If it is a group of professionals or a guild of workers, this should also be in the same place as the company name.

Ideally, the Merit Certificate Design should be simple without many embellishments. The background should be either black or white. However, this is only a preferable scenario. If the background is of a different color, the color of the typeset should make up for it. Black letters on a white background is a popular design for Merit Certificates. The Merit Certificate Design should also have a stamp or logo of the issuing authority. The authority in question could be a company, a group of professionals, or a guild of workers.

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There should be a presentation line in the Merit Certificate Design. This presentation line is where the actual award is made. It mentions the name of the recipient, the date of the award being made and the name of the body awarding it. This should be in a different font so that it stands out. In the description of the Merit Certificate, the reason for the merit award being made is explained. It can be a single line or a whole paragraph. This would really depend on the Merit Certificate Design chosen. This part should be in a different font from the presentation line.

The date in a good merit award certificate would typically be spelled out. For example, if the award is being made on 24th December, 2016, the dateline on a Merit Certificate would read “The 24th day of December, 2016”. This makes the Merit Certificate look more official. Whichever Merit Certificate Design you choose, make sure it is not cluttered or that too much information is not packed into too little space. The certificate should have enough space for all the information you want to fit into it. Also, it should be professional and good enough to be framed and hung on the office wall.