Best Yearly Project Progress Template

Project Progress Report is a written document that shows the records of what has been done and what is yet to be done on the project. It also assures the board members that the project is in progress. The purpose of creating a Yearly Project Progress Report is to provide the board members and other stake holders with a detailed project status summary. This Project Progress Report will contain financial information that will help the board members to compare the project achievements with the project plans. This report will also be used to monitor project progress.

Up To Date Summary of Achievement

The summary of the project achievements should be up to date. It should provide effective information of the key accomplishment of the project. When you are preparing Yearly Project Progress Report you should highlight the project results, relevant information that is related to the project progress and the project’s potential impact on the project implementation without repeating information that you already have provided.

Yearly Project Progress Template Sample :

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Performance Activity Review

The major purpose of reviewing the performance indicators and activities is to enable you to understand the performance of the project against its initial plan and the intended accomplishments. Yearly Project Progress Report will help the project managers and board members to review the project performance by verifying the performance indicators that were developed in the project plan both in quantity and quality.

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Challenges Encountered Throughout the Project Implementation Process

Project managers will create Yearly Project Progress Report to include and elaborate on all the possible challenges that they might have faced when implementing the project. The Project Progress Report should provide a detailed explanation of the challenges faced and action taken by the project managers to solve them.

Alternative Funding Means

Yearly Project Progress Report should include supplementary funding section to help access the project’s ability to raise extra cash for the activities undertaken. This will help to highlight any form of additional cash that has been used to further the project implementation either through donors or through partnership. Creating this report will enable the project managers to explain and specify the amount, purpose and source of additional funds used.

Project Progress Revision

Project managers should report if there are any changes to the initial project plan, project financial budget and whether the project revisions have been submitted to the planning and budget division for approval. If there are any changes they should be clearly and well explained in the Yearly Project Progress Report.

Work Plan for the Incomplete Activities

The Project Progress Report should clearly show the list of other activities that are not yet completed and also specify the work plan to complete them. The project managers are also needed to include any other additional information that is relevant to the project implementation and progress in the Yearly Project Progress Report. Project Progress Report should include a detailed list of all goals and objectives that were set in the project initial plan and whether the project managers have achieved them.