Why Does My Washing Machine Agitate But Not Spin?

If your washer won’t agitate but spins, a broken agitator may be to blame. … The output shaft of the transmission is splined to the agitator to secure it in place. Over time, some of the components of the agitator can wear down or break with normal usage, causing your washing machine not agitating issue.

How do you fix a washer that won’t spin?

  1. Redistribute an off-balanced load of laundry. …
  2. Level an off-kilter washer. …
  3. Check the power source. …
  4. Stop using an extension cord. …
  5. Inspect the spin switch. …
  6. Stick to high efficiency detergent with a front-load washer. …
  7. Undo any kink in the hose. …
  8. Track down a blockage in the drainage system.

What is wrong with a washer that does not spin?
An unbalanced load of laundry is one of the most common causes of an inadequate spin cycle. Sometimes clothing can settle on one side of the drum, throwing off the motion of the washing machine. … If you suspect a distribution problem, try rearranging your clumped-up wet laundry and running the spin cycle again.

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Why is my washer full of water and not spinning?

If your washer won’t drain or spin, the water level control may be faulty. Open the machine’s control panel and look for a plastic tube attached to the water level valve. If it’s clogged, clear it out with vinegar. If the valve itself is corroded, it may need to be replaced.

Why are my clothes too wet after the spin cycle?

Overloading can lead to an imbalance that reduces the washer’s spin speed, leaving clothes too wet after spin cycle completes. If the washer leaves clothes soaked after a large load, remove some items, redistribute others and run another rinse and spin cycle.

What causes a Whirlpool washer not to spin?

As a safety feature, Whirlpool washers will not spin if the lid switch is not activated; ensure the lid is properly closed and, if it is and the spin cycle is still not activated, you may need to replace the lid switch. You may also read,

How do I know if my washing machine drain pump is bad?

  1. Start the washer and wait for the washer tub to fill with water. If you do not hear water or hear a motor whirring, the washer motor may be dead.
  2. Open the washer lid in mid-cycle. …
  3. Wait for the washer to finish its cycle.

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How often should you drain your washing machine?

Washing machines can be breeding grounds for salmonella and other germs. When you wash items in hot water, your machine is being cleaned as well, but once a month, you should still run an empty load with hot water and about a cup of distilled white vinegar to sanitize the basin and wipe out any lingering germs.

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Does Spin Cycle drain water?

It removes the water from the tub during the spin cycle. The washer pump forces water from the bottom of the machine into the drain hose. The drain hose loops to the top of the machine, and then down to the drain, enabling the tub to fill. When the water reaches the bend in the hose, it goes out of the drain. Read:

How long does the spin cycle last on a washer?

The spin cycle of a washing machine can last up to three minutes. The spin speed of a washing machine can be different. Most front-loading washing machines spin at faster speeds than top-loading washing machines, but actual spin speeds differ based on model.

How do I get my LG washer to spin only?

To activate the spin only feature on your LG top load washer, press the Special Use selection button. And choose spin only. At this time selected the desired spin speed by pressing a spin speed selection button.

What do you do when your Whirlpool washer stops spinning?

If the hose and filter are both okay, you’ll need to check the drain pump. It may be clogged with debris or could be defective and needs to be replaced. To check this you will need to disconnect the drain hose, and remove the back panel from your Whirlpool washer. Any debris that’s present will be easy to see.

How do I get my Whirlpool washer to spin only?

For LG front load washers, turn the unit on and without touching the selector dial move to the spin speed selection button. Then press the button until you see your desired spin speed highlighted. Then press the Start button. The unit will drain any excess of water before it spins.

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Does a Whirlpool washing machine have a reset button?

How to Confirm You Have Reset Your Whirlpool Washing Machine. … Rotate your dial until you have the following three lights illuminated: RINSE, WASH, and STOP. Then turn off your washer and unplug it for ten seconds. When you turn it back on it should be reset.

How do you unclog a washing machine drain pump?

A leaking water line or washer that doesn’t drain may seem to be on its way out, but the part responsible for these processes, the water pump, is actually quite easy to fix or even replace on your own. Replacing a washer pump is not only a relatively easy repair, but also one that saves a lot of money.