Who Wrote Behold The Dreamers?

when was Behold the dreamers written?

Behold the Dreamers. Behold the Dreamers is the 2016 debut novel by Imbolo Mbue. The novel details the experiences of two New York City families during the 2008 financial crisis: an immigrant family from Cameroon, the Jonga family, and their wealthy employers, the Edwards family.

How many chapters are in Behold the dreamers?

62 chapters You may also read,

What is the setting of Imbolo MBUE?

A native of Limbe, Cameroon, and a graduate of Rutgers and Columbia Universities, Mbue lives in New York City. ?Imbolo Mbue has given us a novel with the richness and power of a great contemporary fable, and a heroine for our time. Check the answer of

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