What Is The Aceable Classroom Instruction Log?

This log is for logging 32 hours of classroom instruction done online with Aceable. We’ll send you a pre-filled Classroom Instruction Log with both your permit and license certificates, but you can always manually fill it out as well.

How do you fill out the aceable classroom instruction log?

You can also find a pre-filled Classroom Instruction Log in the License Checklist on your Aceable dashboard. Below is a blank copy as well as an example for how to fill out your form for getting your permit and getting your license.

What happens after I finish aceable?
Once you finish the course, here’s what you should expect: If we have all of your accurate information, we will automatically file your completion information with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles within 24 hours.

Is aceable de legit?

Is Aceable Legit a Real Online Traffic School? Yes, Aceable is a real online traffic school offering both driver’s education and defensive driving courses. Once you pass the test, you will have exactly what you need to remove a ticket or get your permit/license.

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How many hours does it take to complete aceable?

Our course is approved by the California DMV to be 8 hours of content, however since they also approved our course to not have timers, we typically see that most students finish the course in 6 hours or less.

How do I contact aceable?

A printed version of this CONTRACT, containing all of these policies and schedules may be requested by calling ACEABLE at (512) 920-2236. You may also read,

Is Aceable only in Texas?

We were first approved by the state of Texas DPS in 2014, and since then we’ve continued to gain approval from many other states on a regular basis. Below is a list of each Aceable course followed by the government agency that approves driver education and our official course number. Check the answer of

Can I get a permit without drivers ed?

*Note: If you are over 17 ½ but under 18 years old, you can get your permit without providing driver education and driver training certificates. However, you will not be able to take the driving test until you turn 18.

How much does Aceable cost?

Best Online Traffic School is one of the most affordable options in the state of California. Our course costs just $9.99, and you only have to pay once you pass. Aceable Traffic School costs $19, which you have to pay at the time you enroll. Read:

Does Aceable expire?

There is not an expiration date on your Aceable certificate, however, your written test score is only good for two years. This means you should head to the DPS with your certificate and test for your license within two years of your certificate’s issue date.

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Can you do Aceable online?

With Aceable, you learn online, on any device, at any time, and in the comfort of your home.

Can you finish Aceable a day Texas?

We don’t stop you in the course, so you will need to pace yourself with a timer to make sure you don’t complete too much in one day. There are no timers in the course so you can move to the next page as soon as you’re done.

Why does aceable keep charging me $5?

Billing begins after the free trial period ends. The card used to purchase your Aceable driving course will be charged for this membership subscription of 24/7 roadside protection. Your card statement will reflect a $5 charge for Aceable 24/7 Roadside.

How do I get my money back from aceable?

“Completion of a course” occurs when you have completed all levels in a course, regardless if you have taken or passed the final exam. If the purchase was made via credit card, Paypal or the Google Play store, please contact customer support ([email protected]) to request a refund.

How can I get aceable for free?

Online drivers ed provider Aceable is offering free learner permit test prep courses in 12 states! These free courses — available on both a mobile app and the web — allow students to prepare and study for the driving learner permit test (also called the written or knowledge test).