What Is Bog Filler?

Builders Bog. Turbo Builders Bog is a trade-quality timber repair filler designed for use by builders and painters but equally popular with DIY enthusiasts – It’s like wood in a can! This high-grade product mimics the behavior of wood.

does builders bog shrink?

TURBO BUILDER’S BOG filler is a repair filler, especially for builders and painters- it’s like wood in a can! For the same reason, since there are no solvents in BUILDER’S BOG and it doesn’t dry in a conventional way, there is no discernible shrinkage, unlike conventional fillers.

can you paint over builders bog?

Builder’s Bog, once cured with the correct amount of hardener, is very inert. Nothing dissolves it and there are no active substances within it that can react with the paint. It will absorb and desorb moisture like timber, but the moisture has no effect on it.

how long does builders bog take to set?

The product will gel (“set”) to a cheese-like consistency first. At this stage cut, chisel, grate or pare it. Then wait about 30 – 60 minutes for full cure.

What is the builder’s bog used for?

Turbo Builder’s Bog is a two-part polyester filler that is ideal for filling large imperfections in timber, like window sills, doors, or where there is rot and it’s difficult to repair.

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How long does bog take to dry?

Working time varies between 3 to 8 minutes depending on temperature. For a faster cure, or in cold weather, use more hardener. You may also read,

Can you use builders’ bog on concrete?

Bondall BOG – Builders Filler. Bondall Builders Filler provides a low-cost way to fill timber, MDF, architraves, window frames, sashes, skirting boards, furniture, steel, fiberglass, concrete, brick, plasterboard, and metal. It is easy to mix, rapidly sets, and is sandable in 15 minutes. It is shrinking and slump-resistant. Check the answer of

How do you use a sellers Plasti bond?

Stir Plasti-Bond Heavy Duty before use. Add 2.5cm length of hardener to every 20ml (heaped tablespoon) of Plasti-Bond Heavy Duty. Mix in hardener by working the product from side to side until color has blended and uniform colour is achieved. If faster setting time is required, or in cold weather, add more hardener.

Can you bog bare metal?

For small repairs, you can bog directly over the bare metal. If the repair is larger, or you’re looking for a longer-lasting job, apply a base coat of epoxy primer before laying on the filler. Read:

Can you use builders’ bog on a car?

No. Builders bog is more (like the name suggests) for building & construction materials like wood, brick & masonry; though it does say metal on the label. The bogg you fix cars with is like a fiberglass resin/epoxy. it’s almost the same colour though.

How do you use a turbo concrete bog?

Place the desired amount of Concrete Bog on mixing board. Add 1% to 4% activator by weight (one level teaspoon of activator to one level cup full of Concrete Bog). THOROUGH MIXING IS IMPORTANT since the hardener is white and cannot be seen once added. Apply with a steel or plastic spreader.

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