What is 5 times a number?

What is 5 times the number?

What does multiplying a number mean? Explanation: Make the number n. Then “3 times the number” means that the number is multiplied by 3. That is, 3 x n = 3 n.

What does 5 mean more than a number? “5 more than” means adding 5 to a number. 8 is “5 over 3”, 20 is 5 over 15.

What is the number 5 more than 3 times? 2 answers from expert teachers

I love mathematics, and I love to study it. Five more than three times a number is the same as nine less than seven times a number. Now write the equation as: 5 + 3x = 7x-9. 5 + 3x = 7x-9 Now you want to find the value of “x”. Subtract the smaller “x,” which is 3x from both sides of the equation.

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What is 3 less than a number?

A number is equal to the sum of twice a number and negative three. ATTENTION: Be very careful with “less than”. Three less than a number is translated to “x – 3.” The opposite, “3 – x,” would be a number less than 3.

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What is four more than a number?

The phrase “4 more than” means adding 4 to a number. Sue has 4 more candies than Ann, which means that no matter how many Anne candies, Sue’s number is 4 more.

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1: To increase in number: more or more, his worries multiplied. 2: To find the product, multiply 7 by 8.

What is the number 3x?

Triple it means that the number has increased 3 times. Which is 3 times x. Hence 3x is the answer. The triple abbreviation simply refers to multiplying a variable by three, not raising it to the power of three.

How do you write 5 more than a number?

Complete step-by-step answer:

The number 5 more than this number is the number obtained after adding 5 to the given number. So a number 5 greater than x equals x + 5. Hence “5 more than a number” written as an algebraic expression is “x + 5”.

How do you write 5 more than twice the number?

1 expert answer

Five is more than twice the number 7 is denoted by 5 + 2x = 7.

What comes first in an algebraic expression?

The order of operations is parentheses, exponents, multiplication and division (left to right), addition and subtraction (left to right). The operations at the top of the list are completed first, and the operations on the same line are completed from left to right.

What does 4 mean more than 3 times the number?

The expression you are looking for is as follows: 3t + 4. When you see four more, it means that you are adding something to the problem. When you see three in the number t, you can simply multiply three by the term t. I hope this helps you and you get plenty of rest in the week.

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What is the number 3 more than 8 times?

Three more than eight times a number equals 19.

What does more than mean in mathematics?

The symbol greater than or equal to is used to express inequality in mathematics. It tells us that the given variable is either greater than or equal to a certain value. For example, if x ≥ 3 is given, then x is greater than or equal to 3.

Why is my number double?

An even number is a number that can be divided into two equal groups. An odd number is a number that cannot be divided into two equal groups. Even numbers end in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 0 regardless of how many digits they have (we know that 5917.624 is even because it ends in 4!). Odd numbers end in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

Is three times a number?

three times, as in succession; On three occasions or three ways.

What is half a number?

Half is the irreducible fraction obtained by dividing one by two (2) or the fraction obtained by dividing any number by its double. It can also be said that a half is a part of something divided into two equal parts.

What is the sum of the number?

The sum of two numbers is the answer you get when you add them together. So the sum of 5 and 4 is 9. There was a time when teachers used the word “sum” to name the following plural number sentence: 9 + 5 = 14.

What is 6 less than a number?

6 less than a number equals 12 | Ask a Wyzant expert.

What is more than number 2?

Explanation: The number in “2 is more than a number” indicates addition. Since we don’t get a specific number, we replace it with a variable (such as x). Thus, “2 is more than a number” can be written in the form x + 2.

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What does i math mean?

Means a basic concept in mathematics and statistics. The mean is the average or most common value in a set of numbers. In statistics, it is a measure of the central tendency of a probability distribution along the median and mode. It is also indicated as an expected value.

Why do we multiply mean?

Explanation: In mathematics, “from” is also one of the arithmetic operations that mean multiplication inside parentheses. For example, we need to find a third of the number 30. The use of the word “who” in mathematics depends on the context.

Where do we use multiplication in real life?

Multiply / divide fractions to calculate more or less than one batch. Convert a recipe from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Convert a recipe from meters (ml) to US standard units (teaspoons, tablespoons, cups) Calculate the cooking time for each ingredient and adjust accordingly.

What is three times a number in an algebraic expression?

For example, the phrase “three times the sum of a number and five” translates to “3x + 5,” while the phrase “three times the sum of a number and five” translates to “3 (x + 5).”

What is the quotient of 8 and 4?

1 expert answer

The quotient is the result of dividing one quantity by another. Negative 8 divided by negative 4. You can think of this as (-1) 8 / (-1) 4. Since negative one is at the top and bottom, we can omit them, leaving 8/4 which is 2.