What H Is To Bargain Especially Over The Cost Of Something?

If you haggle, you argue about something before reaching an agreement, especially about the cost of something that you are buying.

what is a good sentence for bargain?

Examples of bargain in a Sentence Noun I think everyone involved was satisfied with the bargain we made. They’ve agreed to turn the land over to the state, and the state, as its part of the bargain, has agreed to keep it undeveloped.

what is bargaining and example?

The definition of a bargain is an understanding between two people on the cost of goods or services. If someone agrees to sell a product at 10 percent off as long as the other person orders at least 12, that is an example of a bargain. A purchase made at a sale is an example of a bargain.

what does it mean to bargain for something?

noun. an advantageous purchase, especially one acquired at less than the usual cost: The sale offered bargains galore. an agreement between parties settling what each shall give and take or perform and receive in a transaction. such an agreement as affecting one of the parties: a losing bargain.

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What is the synonym of bargain?

verbtrade goods or services. bargain. exchange. haggle. swap.

What is the meaning of bargin?

1. An agreement between parties fixing obligations that each promises to carry out. See Synonyms at agreement. 2. You may also read,

How do you use bargain as a verb?

verb (used with object) to arrange by bargain; negotiate: to bargain a new wage increase. to anticipate as likely to occur; expect (usually followed by a clause): I’ll bargain that he’s going to give those company directors plenty of trouble. Check the answer of

How do you use privy in a sentence?

privy Sentence Examples The ol’ boys at the station are about split down the middle but we’re not privy to Byrne’s lifestyle and I suppose that’s the key. Cynthia telephoned her son and apparently made temporary peace, although Dean wasn’t privy to the details. c. Acts of the Privy Council, 1542-1556; Cal. c.

What is bargain price?

bargain price. From Longman Business Dictionary ˈbargain ˌprice [countable] a low price that is good for the buyerConsumers want top quality paints, but they want them at bargain prices. Read:

What is bargaining in psychology?

Bargaining is the back and forth process of negotiation in order to make an agreement between two parties. In psychology bargaining is used in the Kubler-Ross model which is also known as the five stages of grief (Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance).

How do you use category in a sentence?

Examples of category in a Sentence The cars belong to the same category. Taxpayers fall into one of several categories. She competed for the award in her age category.

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What is a person who bargains called?

A bargain hunter is someone who is looking for goods that are value for money, usually because they are on sale at a lower price than normal.

What is bargaining in grief?

It’s also not uncommon for religious individuals to try to make a deal or promise to God or a higher power in return for healing or relief from the grief and pain. Bargaining is a line of defense against the emotions of grief. It helps you postpone the sadness, confusion, or hurt.

What is increased bargaining power?

Bargaining power is a measure of the capacity of one party to influence another. It is an important topic in negotiation because parties with higher bargaining power are able to leverage their circumstances to strike more desirable deals with others.

What part of speech is bargain?

bargain part of speech: noun phrase: into the bargain part of speech: intransitive verb inflections: bargains, bargaining, bargained definition 1: to talk over the terms of a transaction or exchange; negotiate. synonyms: chaffer, dicker, haggle, negotiate similar words: confer, deliberate