What Does Cie Occupation Mean?

Social grade is a classification system based on occupation and it enables a household and all its members to be classified according to the occupation of the Chief Income Earner (CIE). In addition, if the respondent is not the CIE and is working, then the social grade of that individual is also recorded on the NRS.

What does CIE stand for?

Acronym Definition
CIE Commission on International Education
CIE Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
CIE Continuous Insurance Enforcement (UK)
CIE Corporacion Interamericana de Entretenimiento

What is the full form of CIE *?

Acronym Definition
CIE Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (French: International Commission on Illumination – standardization body)
CIE Cleveland Institute of Electronics
CIE Compagnie (Company (French: Company)
CIE Cambridge International Examinations (UK)

Who is CIE?

The International Commission on Illumination – also known as the CIE from its French title, the Commission Internationale de l´Eclairage – is devoted to worldwide cooperation and the exchange of information on all matters relating to the science and art of light and lighting, colour and vision, photobiology and image …

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Is CIE a word?

No, cie is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does CIE stand for in education?

Abbreviation CIE
Formation 1858
Parent organisation Cambridge Assessment
Website www.cambridgeinternational.org
Formerly called (University of) Cambridge International Examinations

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What is CIE in medical terms?

A non-bullous ichthyosis (OMIM:242100)—a skin disorder characterised by abnormal cornification of the epidermis—that is milder than lamellar ichthyosis and has a greater variability in intensity of erythema, size and type of scales. Check the answer of

Is CIE regulated by ofqual?

We are recognised for the provision of a number of our qualifications by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) the UK government’s regulator for awarding organisations and regulated qualifications in England.

What’s the difference between CIE and CAIE?

There is NO difference to the abbreviation of CIE and CAIE for Cambridge International. It is simply a slight change of name of Cambridge International. CIE stands for the Cambridge International Examination. CAIE: Cambridge Assessment International Education or CAIE. Read:

What does CIE stand for in color?

The CIE color model is a color space model created by the International Commission on Illumination known as the Commission Internationale de l’Elcairage (CIE). It is also known as the CIE XYZ color space or the CIE 1931 XYZ color space.

What does Cie stand for in Ireland?

CIE is Coras Iompair Eireann,which is an Irish or Gaelic way of saying The Irish Transport Board.

What word has TC?

  • witchcraft.
  • nutcracker.
  • frontcourt.
  • wristwatch.
  • matchmaker.
  • dispatcher.
  • watchmaker.
  • sketchbook.

What word has CC in it?

  • accomplishment.
  • ecclesiastical.
  • staphylococcus.
  • polysaccharide.
  • echinococcosis.
  • cryptococcosis.
  • unaccommodated.
  • monosaccharide.
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Is Cambridge Board recognized in India?

Is Cambridge Board Recognized in India? Yes, the Cambridge board is widely accepted all over India by different national and state education boards as a qualification for entry to class XI as well as for other secondary education courses.

What is Caieboard?

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is the world’s most popular international curriculum for 14-16 year olds. CAIE is a curriculum that develops students’ skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving and prepares them for the next stage in their education.