What Does CBA Mean In DTS?

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what is CBA in DTS?

Welcome to the DTS Centrally Billed Account (CBA) Specialist Toolkit RSS Feed! DTS reconciled CBAs are GTCC accounts that have a Bank Identification Number (BIN) beginning with 4614-27; other CBAs that are loaded in DTS are manually reconciled outside of DTS.

what is IBA and CBA in DTS?

There are two types of accounts available under the GSA SmartPay contract — Individually Billed Accounts (IBA) and Centrally Billed Accounts (CBA). Once approved, the traveler receives a travel account to pay for all official Government travel and travel-related expenses.

what does IBA mean in DTS?

individually-billed account

What does airline ticket CBA mean?

What’s the difference between centrally-billed account (CBA) and individually-billed account (IBA)? A CBA is a type of account where the traveler is not responsible for personally purchasing their airline tickets. The traveler now has an out-of-pocket expense that they can claim on their travel voucher.

What is a TMC fee in DTS?

As you’re probably aware, your Travel Management Company (TMC)* charges your travelers a fee for securing their travel reservations. As a rule of thumb, DTS automatically records TMC fees on the voucher along with the cost of the traveler’s ticketed transportation. You may also read,

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What is CBA army?

The Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) is the analysis portion of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process. The CBA provides recommendations to pursue a materiel or non-materiel solution to an identified capability gap that meets an established capability need. Check the answer of

What are CTO fees?

As you’re probably aware, your Commercial Travel Office (CTO) charges your travelers a fee for securing their travel reservations. As a rule of thumb, CTO fees are automatically entered into DTS with the ticket cost. That covers you for times the traveler asks you for help before submitting their travel document.

What is IBA fee?

Fee-Structure: One time charges for IBA are Rs. 22,500 (admission+transcript) for all programs while the tuition fee for BS-CS is Rs. 128,500 for the first semester. Read:

How do I add a CTO fee in DTS?

When manually entering a CTO fee in DTS, enter the expense on the Other Transportation screen in the Travel module. DO NOT put the expense on the Non-Mileage screen located in the Expenses module. Select the Type drop-down arrow and choose either CTO Fee (Indiv Bill) or CTO Fee (Central Bill) (Figure 1).

How many days are you authorized TLA?

60 days

What is an IBA travel card?

Individually Billed Accounts (IBA) are issued to employees to pay for official travel and travel-related expenses. The government reimburses employees for authorized expenses. The employee is responsible for making monthly payments to the bank.

Does the military pay for plane tickets?

Will the military pay for their flight home or will that be something soldiers or family members have to pay for? A. The short answer is, no, the military will not pay for the fare to return home, said Eric Durr, public affairs director of the state Division of Military and Naval Affairs.

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What does centrally billed mean?

Central billing is a phrase used to describe the process of using the collective buying power of independent businesses to extract discounts from suppliers. It was pioneered in the convenience grocery sector convenience grocery sector in Europe.

What item is not a reimbursable expense when using your travel account?

Personal expenses such as childcare or pet boarding fees. Costs for theater tickets, guest meals, entertainment and similar extraordinary expenses will not be reimbursed unless such charges relate directly to the purpose of the trip and are documented and approved as part of the original travel authorization.