Weekly Goals & Objectives Planner Sheet Template

While planning a project, first and foremost step is to develop goals and objectives. A broad and long term change which a company works toward, usually a statement they ultimately want to achieve is called Goal. In other words, destination point defined by them is their goal. Whereas, the statements about more specific and immediate changes that a company sets in order to approach their main goal, are called Objectives. These statements may involve the changes about skill levels, attitudes, knowledge, process, behavior and so on.

Some people take it a confusing and difficult process to prepare a laconic and straightforward goals and objective planner. However, without having a clear Goals and Objectives Planner, we are unable to define or understand what we are planning to do. When you have prepared your Goals and Objectives Planner, even then there is probability of failure in accomplishment of their goals. But it is with a big reason. It happens with lack of genuine connection and commitment to their real goals and objectives. You need to set some effective strategy to accomplish this planner.

First set your goal by considering a clear idea of what you want to achieve, and then stick to it firmly. Then set the objective of each team member from Monday morning to Saturday evening which each member is required to accomplish within a week time. At the same time, these weekly objectives should appropriately fit into company’s weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals. This way you can define your Weekly Goals and Objectives Planner Sheet. If you, as team leader, fail to accomplish even one of those targeted Weekly Goals and Objective Planner tasks, it means your team has not been ambitious enough.

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A week time is considered perfect for preparing Goals and Objectives Planner Sheet, as time more than a week may easily lose your focus from the target. On the other hand, time less than a week may not significantly create balance toward achieving the goals and objectives of a company. So in most of the cases, preparing Weekly Goals and Objectives Planner Sheet is perfect and reliable for long-term commitments. Moreover, it is extremely helpful in keeping the team members motivated and focused on the important elements of the target of the company. In other words, Weekly Goals and Objectives Planner Sheet makes every week a sprint, and every day a sprint.

There is another edge that a Weekly Planner Sheet gets over others. On weekly basis, it becomes easier to figure out what needs to be changed, added or removed from the plan to achieve the goal faster or gain the objectives in more productive way. It is not wrong to say that anything important is worth measuring. Being a team leader, it becomes easier for you to make analysis on basis of weekly progress reports of the team members.

Whatever is your Weekly Goals and Objectives Planner Sheet prepared for, it must contain the basic necessary elements to end in a successful project plan. It must be designed in a concise manner to convey a clear approach toward what your team member needs to know exactly about the goals. Prioritize the most important things first. Use an easy and optimistic language to encourage the team. Set smaller operational goals a week, and define how to perform it, so that you can better take care of and get much control over the performance. Be realistic in assigning tasks and success will be yours at the end.

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