Vacation Request Form Template

Continuous work and no fun will make you exhausted and stressed, when you’re trapped in the pressures of work; it’s hard to perceive things rationally. Taking a break is necessary to determine what your job meant to you and how much time should it takes to keep you survive happily with your lifestyle. It is very necessary to balance your job with other activities of your life. Taking a vacation  give a time span to your brain to refresh again for working concentrating and efficiently .After vacations , you’ll return to your job with more vigor and ready to battle the challenges with a fresh and active brain. Besides a healthy working capacity, the vacation will give you time and space to strengthen your family bond .When you spend more time with your spouse and other family members; you get aware about those issues which are neglected during your job hours. You are now free to look after your health issues .If you plan to spend vacation in an environmental friendly surroundings, then this will also help you to beep yourself fit and smart.

Generally, summer is the best time to get a vacation. First. As everybody is trying to seek vacations in the same period, therefore plan your vacation ahead and apply as early as possible. Remember that you have to complete some formalities before applying for the vacations. The foremost element is the filling of vacation request form. Before applying for a vacation and filling the vacation request you must plan everything for example the number of days you want a leave.

  1. Mention your name with designation prior writing a vacation request.
  2. Don’t forget to write the date on which you are applying for the vacation.
  3. Clearly mention the duration or the number of days you want to go on vacation.
  4. You must clear in your writing that you are applying this vacation after understanding each and every point about the company’s policy of granting vacations.
  5. You must ensure your company that you are a responsible employee and will complete all your assigned task prior leaving for vacation.
  6. Clearly mention the reasons why you are seeking vacation. If the reason is genuine then you might get the vacations on priority basis
  7. It is better to submit a digital request instead of a handwritten letter
  8. You’re humble and graceful vocabulary will put a great impact on the management, therefore request in a polite manner.
  9. Like other formal application you initially state your request, assuring the management that you would complete all your work on time before leaving for the vacation and in the next paragraph, write a thankful acknowledgement…Try to emphasize the concern authorities to look into your matter.
  10. Submit your application much earlier to get your vacation on priority.
  11. Electronic pre-formatted templates are the best option to send your request, if your company has no specific pre-design form for vacation request.