Telephone Sales Order Form Template

Every entrepreneur starts a business venture with the sole motive of generating profits and that objective can be fulfilled by increasing sales. Keeping the track of sales hence is a necessary task as the profitability of business largely depends upon it. Sales order is one of the tools that is used to record the sales incurred in a specific period of time. Sales order form contains all the necessary information about the customer and type of sale. This record is maintained by the businesses to devise a proper strategy for future planning. Sales order is also abbreviated as SO. This form is basically a sales form that is kept by the company for its own records whereas purchase order is the form that is kept by the customer himself for the sake of his own records. So sales order is an internal document of the company and purchase order is the external document. Usually one sales order form contains many purchase orders under it. There are number of ways through which sales can be ordered like e-mail, message or through telephone. But in this article we will be talking about the telephonic sales order form.

Due to the advancement in technology, businesses have moved from the use of conventional ways to more advanced techniques. Now every activity has been computerized and manual work has been reduced to a large extent. Similarly sales orders are prepared according to the medium used to place the order. Catering to the needs of customer is necessary and only such businesses can succeed in the long run. Creation of standardized sales order forms can reduce the burden of the company. Templates are also available online that can be tailored according to the needs of particular business.

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But if telephonic sales order is being made from the scratch then following guidelines/tips should be followed.

  1. The logo of the company must be added in the form as it distinguishes it from plenty of forms available in the market. Besides logo, other details regarding the name of company and its slogan should be entered to make it unique from the rest.
  2. Date and details regarding the order must be written in the top right corner of the form. Proper space should be allocated to write customer ID and number of orders.
  3. Language and format used should be easily understandable for the customer. User-friendly forms can be created by carefully proofreading the form.
  4. All necessary details regarding the company, its address, phone number, e-mail address and other data should be presented in the form to make it complete and avoid any ambiguity in the mind of reader i.e customer.
  5. Columns and rows format should be used in the form to make the presentation impressive and easily understandable. Columns contain information about the sales order. Serial number of item ordered, quantity ordered, item description, unit count and unit price. Whereas rows contain information about the particular item number.

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