Memo Template with Arrowhead

The Content of the Memo will differ depending on who you are sending the memo to. The style and the tone of an Official Memo will vary from audience to audience. If you are sending a memo to your colleagues about an office party, the tone of the memo may be jaunty. However, if it … Read more

Memo Template with Black Line

Before writing an Official Memo you must decide if at all a memo needs to be sent. If you have some important information to communicate to your team or people outside it, a memo is how it should be communicated. Even when you want to communicate with a single individual, you should send them a … Read more

Memo Template with Gray Border

Before going to the next part, understand the purpose and mainly focus on the audience meant for the memo you are writing, so as to choose the correct tone, language, format and formality to use. Is it for the whole office, specific group of people, or a certain department? For the format, find out if … Read more