Purchase Order Sample

Purchase Order is the first commercial document that a buyer issues to the seller showing types of products, quantity and agreed prices for the products or service. Purchase Order legally binds the supplier and the buyer for a business deal. It also shows the delivery dates and the terms of payment for the buyer. A … Read more

Detail Envelope Layout Template

When you are involved in designing and marketing operations across departments and around the world, you need many resources and awareness. Fortunately, the software are here to provide the desired information ,via diverse applications, organizations and culture. As internet is aiding in every business area, the print and stationary features are also applying digital facilities … Read more

Educational Meeting Name Badge Template

Educational Name Badge carries branding of the learning institution. It completes a look, endorses an image and is vital connection between the student and other people outside and inside the school. When you meet with a student for the first time, the first thing you will notice is the name badge. Educational Name Badges are … Read more

Job Application Form Template

Employers will expect you to provide either a letter of application or a resume to apply for a job. The letter of application is usually a one page, flawless, precise and attractive outline of relevant job experiences, skills, accomplishments, and academic credentials. The resume is a detailed chronology of academic and previous job experiences. You … Read more

Job Description Template

There are many key elements of an Official Job Description Document. A good job description document should have the what, why, where, and how of the job. It should clearly state the roles and responsibilities of a job so as to avoid lawsuits and to be in compliance with state and federal laws. It also … Read more