Creative and Modern Memo Template

Memo, also known as memorandum, is a written document used for communication purpose within a company or big organization. A memo can have several uses but it is mainly used to inform the employees and other company staff on updates, notice, news and also to persuade them about something that needs to be done urgently … Read more

Meeting Action Items Template

The most important aspect of holding a meeting is to discuss and agree on how tasks and projects should be implemented. Action items are discrete tasks that must be tackled and accomplished by an individual, team or a group. Action items should be documented clearly and all crucial details must be included. Action items are … Read more

Meeting Reminder Template

Most companies hold meetings to discuss and tackle important issues that affect their business positively. If someone has a lot in their plate to handle or they usually have busy schedule, then forgetting is just natural. People who are likely to forget meetings or appointments can simply use Meeting Reminder tools to keep track of … Read more