Break-Even Analysis Template

The Break-even point in a business is the point at which a business generates revenue that is equal to the cost of business. In other words, the revenue of the business is as much as the money spent to generate that revenue. Break-Even Analysis is an analysis of a business’s break-even point. It is an … Read more

Gain on Sales of a House Analysis Template

Calculate Gain on Sales of a House If you want to know the gain on your sold property, you need to do some calculations; some additions or subtractions to have a net amount in hand. There are three main areas which play a major role in estimating the capital gain, these are the original purchase … Read more

Sales Channel Analysis Template

Maximization of sales is the primary motive of any kind of business. This target can be achieved by number of ways. Effective marketing campaign to attract potential customers is one of the many tactics that companies opt for widening their customer base. Others involve doing research and development ahead of launching any product in the … Read more

Direct Marketing Analysis Template

In Direct Marketing Analysis, there are some basics that do not change but they need to be augmented with up to date insights over time. The importance of these basics in direct marketing is that they will assist you in knowing what is working for your business and what is hurting you business wise. In … Read more