Student Award Template

Student Award Design guidelines are to be followed to create a Student Award Design. Student awards are usually granted when a student performs exceptionally well, surpassing expectations. Outstanding performance is awarded by school or college authorities. These outstanding students are awarded in grants and kind, and sometimes only in kind. Whatever the case may be, they are usually given a certificate which is designed by the awarding authorities.

The Student Award Design is based on the level of the student. If it is for K12 students, the design is normally upbeat. It is printed in a colorful way and has pictures on it to make it more attractive to children. If it is for graduate, post graduate or students at higher levels, the design is more somber to suit the occasion.

The basic premise of a Student Award Design is to give an award to a student for a specific task or for exceptional performance. In that case, the name of the student should be mentioned in the certificate and the reason for the award. It should be signed by the proper signatory, preferably the principle of the school in case of K12 students and the dean of the college or university in case of students studying at higher levels.

For K12 students, it is customary to have the name of the subject in the Student Award Design, if that student has excelled in a particular subject. The name of the school should also be included in the Student Award Design for K12 students. For students at a higher level, it should be the name of the college or the university.

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If the award is for securing the first, the second, or the third place in class, this should preferably be mentioned at the top of the certificate. It should be an integral part of the Student Award Design. If it is for a specific paper that an under graduate or graduate student has written, the name of the paper should be mentioned at the top. If the paper was submitted at a particular conference, the name of the conference should also be mentioned.

The name of the student should be clearly and legibly printed on the certificate in a separate line. Sometimes the name of the student is handwritten by the signatory. At the bottom should be the names and designations of the people authorized to present the student with the certificate and award. This should have space allocated above for their signatures. Signatures may or may not be printed on the certificate. However, the conventional practice is to include authentic handwritten signatures of signatories in the Student Award Design.

The date could either be at the top or the bottom of the Student Award Design. The template for the Student Award Design should be something that catches the eye. It should look good so that the student cherishes it. It should be good enough to frame like a picture and hung on the wall or to be put on the drawing room table.