Store Sales Sheet Template

Sales are the driving force behind all businesses, both products and services. Manufacturing and production is important to a business. However, if it does not generate sales, it will not generate revenue and there will be no profit in the business. In fact, sale is the single most important factor behind revenue. Production, manufacturing, and marketing are indirect methods of generating sales. For store to store sales, efficient human resource like sales persons and sales managers are indispensable. Sales managers incorporate the standards of business in the sales strategy of a source. They also find ways to effectively generate sales in stores. The sales-people are the face of the store.

A record must be kept of the sales made in stores. These must then be sent to the head office of the business. For this, a Store-to-Store Sales Sheet is needed. There are many templates online for Store-to-Store Sales Sheet. Preparing Store-to-Store Sales Sheet is easy if it is updated every day.

Businesses that have multiple stores in various locations need to keep track of sales made in each store. Also, they need to compare the sales figures for each store in comparison to others. This can be done with the help of a Store-to-Store Sales Sheet conveniently.

The first column in the Store-to-Store Sales Sheet should be the sales for the past year. This will help put in perspective the sales made in the current year. The second column should be the current year’s sales volume. The third column should reflect the change from the last year to the current year in percentage. This way a business will know if the sales are going down or improving. A lot will depend on this. The company may decide to change sales strategy depending on this information. The fourth column should have the number of stores overall. The fifth column should carry the average sales per store. This will enable the business to look at each store and their potential to generate revenue. Again, this is important information. If a particular store does not yield enough revenue, the company might decide to close it down. If a particular store does very well, the company might decide to upgrade it. The sixth column should have the average indexed to system average.

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A Store-to-Store Sales Sheet has many uses. A company may look at it and deduce certain facts about marketing. There may be something missing in the marketing strategy or it could mean that there is a defect in the product design. All this can be corrected simply by looking at the Store-to-Store Sales Sheet. Managers can look at a Store-to-Store Sales Sheet and decide to change sales strategy.

It can also help in keeping the staff of the stores on their feet. If there is inefficiency, it will reflect in the Store-to-Store Sales Sheet. Sales managers and managers will be able to evaluate the sales process by looking at the figures. If a particular store has higher sales than another one in seemingly similar locations with customers from similar backgrounds, the sales figures should reflect that fact. If the sales figures for any one of these stores are lower, the store will need more efficient handling of customers. This can be done by replacing existing staff with more efficient ones.