Statement of Services Template

Good service means good business, by taking functionally rich applications of services and wrapping them in a well-formulated document will dominate your business and its operation in the market. By drafting concise legal documentations you make enough reputation in your business zones. One such document is your Statement of Services. The statement of services is a legal contract used to document the agreement about the services provided by the company to its clients. This agreement become effective only after the statement terms have been agreed. The agreement could be done on verbal basis, but that statement does not have any legal prove to get evident. The written statement can resolve several issues like price issues that need negotiations.

The component of statement of services includes

  1. extent of services
  2. details of services
  3. agenda
  4. Price
  5. Key theory
  6. approval

Contrary to the above mentioned purpose, a statement of Service is a comprehensive document which assures that an employee, who has now left the company, was employed in the organization and this statement includes the details regarding the employment and its services

The component of statement of services is:

  1. the employee’s designation
  2. duration of service and
  3. Precise description of duties.

The Statement does not include the details regarding the causes of leaving the organization and it does not document the efficacy or in efficacy of the employee regarding his work

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The purpose of the statement of service includes, taking proper consideration and attentiveness to the provided services, making sure that the concerned persons fully understand the information given in the statement of services and it may sometime is able to provide information that answers doubtful queries with clear, complete and accurate information.

The statement of services has been generated to compliment a wide array of businesses. This document is present as an electronic template with customizable options to suit your specifications. Make sure that any amendment you are going to make in the customized document, fulfills the legal requirements. Your company’s name, address, phone number, is usually written on the head of the document. Logo and other important information are well-located on the form to display company’s trade mark. s. The list of products and services are usually tabulated in a grid format so it can be easily read and accessed. Colors and designate formatted in a way that they should not mess the document to distract the customer. Each product or service improperly titled and described precisely.

The concise information features an effective statement. If long or unclear details are added it would be difficult to comprehend the document. Customization, can design the perfect Statement of Services by making it tailor –cut to your needs. Your complete company’s information is required with clearly stated services.

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