Shipping Order Template

In today’s modern era, the world has become a global village. People in the world are connected to each other with the help of internet. Internet is known as one of the fastest mode of communication today. As the technology is increasing day by day, it has given us the facility to do online shopping from anywhere in the world. Along with the developments, the risk of cybercrime is increasing as well. The best way to remain safe is taking precautionary measures to avoid such situations. As people shop from different countries, the product is reached via shipping. Sometimes, the Shipping Order process can take weeks.

Here we are going to discuss about Shipping Order Format and design guidelines that are helpful in preparing Shipping Order documents. Shipping Order documents are used by shipping companies and export companies. The Shipping Order Format tips helps to quickly and effectively create and print the Shipping Order documents. The format and design is created on MS Word. Some companies create the Shipping Order Format on excel to do it much quicker. A new row is started for each order. Orders, invoice and other shipping details are then attached with the invoice. In the following discussion, you can find what a Shipping Order format may include to fit the requirement of the document.

Customer Details:

The customer details on Shipping Order Format include customer name, his/her bank account number, and billing address. The contact number is mentioned on the top of the sheet.

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Purchase Order Date:

This column includes the date when the order was placed.

Shipment Date:

Using the date picker, shipment date is entered in the column.

Shipment Methods:

The customer is told about the shipment method how their order will be reached.

Invoice Amount:

In this column, the invoice amount is entered. A formula is used to calculate the total account balance.

Invoice Date:

The date of the invoice is also sent to the customer on the same document.

Shipment orders are proved to be a great facility for people who live in far off areas. But we should also be aware of the risks attached with such facilities. Following are some guidelines which can come in handy when you place a shipment order.

When you place an order, make sure you are well aware of the shipping charges. Usually the delivery charges are free, but in some cases there are some (hidden) charges applied which the customer is not aware of. Before placing a shipment order, carefully read the statements of term and conditions given. In case of any loss these terms and conditions can be helpful. Some products may be complicated or fragile in nature. They can have greater chances of being damaged. Better not to place shipments orders for such products. But if you still wish to place one, make sure that the selling organization takes the responsibility for the safe delivery of product.

Always place order from those companies and websites that are authentic. You must be sure of the security certification of the website for the Shipping Order. Make sure you go through all the shipment details before placing an order. It will help you to avoid any awkward situation in future.