Shipping Label Template

Shipping Labels will provide the key information about the packages to be shipped, i.e. cautions to the shipping company to handle the packages to prevent damages. Shipping Labels will also provide information about the packages that will help people of your supply chain to move the packages from one place to another or from the warehouse to the customer. Shipping crew follows the information on the Shipping Labels provided by the carrier to ensure safe delivery of the goods. Shipping Label is designed to be read by both machines and humans so they should be clear and easy to read. Shipping Labels also contain barcodes, numbers and letters that are used to inform specific partners of the supply chain about the packages to be shipped.

This article will discuss Shipping Label design ideas.

Caution Labels:

This type of Shipping Label is used to identify the importance and caution measures to be taken when shipping packages. Caution labels are mostly used for domestic item shipments as an alert to use caution when handling them. Caution labels are also used for shipment of fragile goods like glasses or any item that can break or be damaged if they are handled with less care.

Container Shipping Labels:

Container Shipping Label is mainly used for container shipment. Container Shipping Label will show the order number, carrier and container identity number.

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This Side Up’ Shipping Labels:

This type of Shipping Label tells the carrier or the receiver not to carry the package up side down. This will provide maximum safety of the goods and will help the vendor to make sure that the goods get to the buyer in their original form without any damage. It will also help the buyer to open the package safely for its indicated which side should be up.

Return Address Shipping Labels:

Return address Shipping Label is used in the case where the shipped goods did not get to the buyer or if the buyer wishes to ship the goods back to the vendor for some reasons, then this type of Shipping Label will provide the vendor’s information and address to ship goods back to.

Professional Shipping Labels:

Professional printed Shipping Labels make your packages stand out from a crowd of goods. They are mostly used by small companies to make big impression on their clients and also they can be used to send a special delivery to friends and family. This kind of Shipping Label gives you an option to choose the quality and size of the printing material for the label according to the way you wish them to look.

Certified Shipping Labels:

Certified Shipping Labels are mostly used for shipping mails. This type of Shipping Labels in most of case are used for shipping intelligence mails which are labeled as certified to show the shipping crew the importance and confidentiality which the mail requires. These mails should be delivered directly to the person they are addressed to, because such mails carry information that is important and if they are delivered to the wrong person they can cause damage to an individual’s privacy or secrecy.