Seminar Evaluation Form

The Seminar Evaluation Form is intended to provide the company and the seminar speakers with helpful and constructive feedback about the overall seminar experience that will help them to improve and make necessary changes during other seminars in the near future. Below you will find what should be included in Seminar Evaluation Form.


This will be the first section of the Seminar Evaluation Form. It shows the details of the company that conducted the seminar. These details should include the company name, address and contacts. These details will be helpful to the people who will be filling the form so they will understand and fill in the correct details.

Seminar Topic:

In this section, the Seminar Evaluation Form shows the topic discussed during the seminar and the purpose of conducting the seminar. This information will be helpful to the people who will be filling the form so they know which seminar they should talk about in the evaluation process. So they do not go off topic when filling the questions and it also enables them to fill in the correct information in regards to the seminar topic.


This will indicate the day, month and year in which the seminar was conducted. Such information is important and the details given should be true and accurate, so that the people talk about the right seminar. Remember the purpose of filling a Seminar Evaluation Form is to help the speakers improve on the weak areas where they might have not done it right, and inaccurate information will not be helpful to them.

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Time has effect on everything and so the Seminar Evaluation Form should include time section and let people talk about the seminar timings. For example, you can choose to ask if the seminar was held at the right time of the day, if the speakers had enough time to explain their point during the seminar, or if the people who attended the seminar were given time to contribute on the discussions.


In this section of the Seminar Evaluation Form, you can let people know about the venue of the seminar. Let them tell you if the seminar held at the appropriate place, was the space enough to host all those who attended the seminar, or if the weather conditions there was friendly (was it too cold or too hot) at the venue of the seminar.

Overall Seminar Experience (Feedback):

Here you will give people the space to talk about their overall experience with the seminar. This is the most important section of the entire Seminar Evaluation Form. Here you will get the feedback on how people think about the seminar. When you are designing a Seminar Evaluation Form you can make this section to be in question form with at least three options where a person can choose the answer from. Just make sure the questions are clear and direct to the point. This section will let you get feedback if the seminar was a success or not.