School Attendance Sheet Template

The importance of School Attendance Sheet is manifold. The importance of attendance in school and keeping a record for it for each student cannot be stressed enough. School attendance is imperative throughout a student’s school life. Equally important is the tracking of his/her attendance. This can be done by school authorities using different software. School Attendance Sheet can be in Excel format. School Attendance Sheet gives more accurate results. School Attendance Sheet or software can help check truancy. It can make students more responsible and motivate them to attend school everyday which is beneficial to their academic and social life.

A School Attendance Sheet can track attendance, absence from school, lateness, and leaving early from school. School Attendance Sheet can be used period wise, for younger children. When absence or tardiness reaches an alarming level, the School Attendance Sheet can be used to send students letters of warning. This helps in bringing the student back into the main fray of school discipline. If a child does not arrive on time and is marked absent, the absence should be changed to lateness. Attention should be paid to such students in early school years so that lateness does not aggravate to truancy. Identifying trends in children’s behavior and analyzing data can be easier with the School Attendance Sheet. A School Attendance Sheet can also keep a track of how many times a student needs to go to the nurse’s office and this will help in analyzing his/her medical needs.

A School Attendance Sheet can be used to keep track of the attendance of a single student or a group of students, and can also be used to take effective steps to change their attendance culture immediately. Parents and guardians can be notified in case of absence or truancy. Prompt action in most cases helps in changing the behavioral pattern of a student.

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Regular attendance is very important for students to develop their skills. If too many school days are missed, a student’s skill sets start to erode. The School Attendance Sheet, right from kindergarten, can be used to track the attendance of students so that they don’t miss out on important lessons and building their skill sets. Learning is a progressive process and the lessons taught everyday are added to the lessons taught on the previous day. Missing one day’s lesson may harm a student’s academic progress. Here is where the School Attendance Sheet comes in. the more a student misses days in school the more classes they miss. Classes missed translate to lessons missed. This means lower grades for these students. The lower their grades the more these students want to miss school. This is a vicious cycle. It might even lead to students dropping out of school. This might lead to antisocial behavior. All this can be changed at the very beginning with good management of school attendance. The School Attendance Sheet needs to be up to date and filled in daily, so that school authorities and parents have an idea about what is going on with a particular student or a group of students, on a daily basis.