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For any organization to succeed, projects play a vital role. It takes a lot of time for managers to plan and execute them. Thus, there is a need to schedule your projects and prepare an efficient timetable to complete these projects in time. Effective timetable of the projects ensure success of these projects and thus it contributes to the growth of the businesses and the firm. Hence to ensure that these timetables are realistic and to keep all processes on track, it is advised to set practical and realistic time frames. Assign appropriate resources and ensure quality to make it free from errors. This will in turn reduce cost to the company. The main factors for Project Timetable include financial, management, documentation, and quality, assurance. The Project Timetable gives an idea about the proceedings in a proper sequence which is very well structured and can be understood into the four categories described here.

Template for Project Timetable :

Download Project Timetable Template



Download Project Timetable Template 1 Doc



Download Project Timetable Template 2 Excel




Project Timetable Affects the finances of a project. There are time constraints because of which project managers have to schedule the resources effectively. It requires specific skills when resources are highly specialized, or when the estimated budget for the project is high because of the use of expensive materials. With the given time constraints, a project costs gets more than usual because of the use of additional resources. But if the Project Timetable is apt, accurate and estimates are realistic, last-minute orders for materials etc. can be avoided.

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A comprehensive work breakdown structure can help you to create a chart, (a Gantt chart) that lists the tasks, showcases the dependencies and defines the milestones achieved. It shows the planned Project Timetable graphically for better understanding. Its main role in business projects is to first record and then report the progress of the project for completion. The Project Timetable can show human resources assigned to various tasks and thus evaluate their allocation. This will give a better and effective utilization of resources.


Good project managers conduct regular meetings for status update and proceedings of the work via reports. They make use of Project Timetable meetings to check in with their team mates and avoid misunderstandings. These meetings make sure that work flows smoothly from one process to the other in sequence and also that each team member is aware of his/her assignment and contribution to the project.


Project Timetable ensures timely completion of the tasks in process one by one. A proper sequence is to be followed which is very well structured so that no process starts before the proceeding work ends. Also quality measures must match the expectations at every step during the process and managers along with the team members solve the issues as they arise without delaying till the end.  It thus has to be error-free till the project gets completed and this is possible because of the effective Project Timetable. Experienced project managers know that quality ensures control over risk management to fasten the schedule when required to beat the competition.

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