Project Team Charter Template Document

What is Project Team Charter Template

A project team charter is a document that highlights the objectives and purpose of your team along with the course you will follow to achieve your goals. The team charter defines the direction and focus points for all the members of the team. When the team charter is designed with collaboration, the employees become more connected to each other while working.

It is quite useful while creating a new team or growing the existing team by adding more members or when it is required to better align no matter what is the team’s tenure. There are a number of benefits associated with the use of team charter in spite of the nature of your organization or the stage of your project.

Key Elements Of Project Team Charter Doc

Team Charter Template Word Document

Here is the guideline that helps you better understand how you can utilize this project management document:

Project Name & Identification

In this section, you put some basic information about the project name and identity. project manager, team leader, project starting and ending dates, etc.

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Background Info

Here you provide project backgrounds, project goals, the reason to start this project, working staff info as well as project stakeholders according to their stakes.

Mission and Objectives

Put information about the project mission, goals, objectives, and expected outcomes. You have to explain why this project is necessary and its effects on the company.

Budget and Resources

Here you provide details of the allocated project budget and resources capacity management details.

Roles & Responsibilities (RACI)

In this section, you set roles & responsibilities for each team member, team leader, project manager, etc. For this purpose, you can use the RACI matrix.

Operation & Procedure

By using the WBS template, you can make a project hierarchy of teams that participates in the decision-making process and set rules and regulation, operations and procedures, setting strategies to achieve goals in time, complete milestones, etc.

Project Scope

In the project scope, the chartered team is also part of this scope. In which we conduct meetings to evaluate team members’ effective engagement on this project.

Evaluation of Performance

This section is reserved for performance assessment of the team, their work, and results.

Project Development & Milestones

Here you determine overall project development, project activities log and completed milestones of the charter team.


As you know, proper communication is also the basis of a successful project, so, here you can set a pathway of communication that defines team members who should they call in a scenario.


The primary advantages obtained by using this charter template are:

  • Create clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Work as a team for a clear and mutual vision.
  • Open up and enhance communications.
  • Establish relationships.
  • Define goals and milestones clearly.
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Creating a team charter includes a few steps that are very simple. Here is how it is initiated:

Involve Participants in the Procedure

Every person in a team should be included while creating the project charter and providing their services. List all the necessary roles and responsibilities of the project like stakeholders, clients, and regular project team. Hence, ensure the involvement of the entire team.

Clearly Grasp The Objectives & Goals of The Project

All the members involved should work in the same direction with the same vision in their minds. The scope of the project should be determined and stick to the set goals and aims.

Create the Team Hierarchy

At the very beginning of the project planning, it should be decided who will lead the team, who will be second in command, and similarly the roles of the rest of the team. In case the team is large, you can appoint different supervisors over various subject areas. The hierarchy of the team should be added to the charter.

Establish an Implementation Plan

Add the major milestones in the charter along with task dependencies and a timeline for the stakeholder and the entire development team.

Enlist Potential Risk Areas

If you want to create a realistic charter, focus on all the possible issues and risks, evaluate buffer timing to take care of issues, and acknowledge the responsible people. Adding probable issues and risks to the charter may assist in handling future problems and even impede uncertain roadblocks.

Measure the Timing of Creating a Charter

The size of the project and team are the main factors that determine the duration of the charter. When the charter is ready, all the team should be comfortable while signing it. Also, the team can decide whether to create a project-wide-charter or to have a charter that covers all the tasks within a few months, a year, or more.

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