Project Task Assignment Template

Preparing Project Task Assignments is a daunting proposition. However, if the right technique is followed, it can be done efficiently. Before you start with Project Task Assignment, you must understand properly what a project task is. A project task is a single job or a single unit of work. Projects are made of multiple numbers of these single tasks. A single task accomplishes a single action. It is a single step in a project and a project is made of multiple such steps.

A project task can, in its turn, be broken down into several tasks. These are called sub-tasks. Project Task Assignment can be done well by resourcing the project properly. Once you get the right people for your project and assign specific tasks to them, the project is half done. All you have to do is keep a track of deadlines.

A good template for Project Task Assignment should include the task name, the priority level of the task, the name of the resource that the task is assigned to, the date on which the task is due to be completed, and comments, if there are any.

The first column should, however, be the completion status of the task. Whether or not the task is completed should be mentioned in this column. Populate it with the word “Done”, if it is completed. The second column in a Project Task Assignment report should be the name of the task. You can name it anything you like as long as it is related to the task. For example, “Storyboard for First Module.”

The third column should have the priority level of the task clearly mentioned, whether it is very important, important, or normal priority. This is going to depend on what the task is.

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The fourth column should be the name of the resource, for example, “John Doe.” This way you will know who is supposed to be doing what in the running project, and will give you name to follow up with in case of delays.

The fifth column is for deadlines. In case of Project Task Assignment, this column is very important. If the task is not completed on the date mentioned in this column, it needs to be followed up. If there is a serious issue with the resource handling this particular task, it needs to be reassigned and a new deadline set.

The last and final column is for your comments or notes, if you have any. For example if a resource is on leave and you have to change the deadline for a specific task, it should be mentioned in the comments or notes section of Project Task Assignment.

There are many other features in Project Task Assignment templates that you can use. For example, file attachments, alerts and reminders, discussions, Gantt chart, calendar view, row hierarchy, sharing, update requests, web forms, and mobile apps. Normally these features are enough to work with. All the features discussed here have dropdown menus and should make the work of Project Task Assignment relatively simple for you.