Project Action Log Template

Project Action Logs are similar to project plans. They are used to control the tasks. Action Log keeps the track of multiple actions. It is usually great for those people who attend lots of meeting and they want to keep each record at a single place.  Mostly people keep the Action Log for the major tasks accomplished. Action Log keeps the track of everything you do. They are used to update the project communication plan that is discussed during the meetings and other discussions with each other. Here you can find some tips and guidelines for Project Action Log.

While recording the action, keep one thing in mind. The person who owns any action must only be able to make changes in it, so that if any question in the meeting arises there is a suitable answer for that. Never change anything according to your will in main Project Action Log document and then expect the owner to own an action about which he/she never had a discussion. Review the Project Action Log on weekly basis. It will help you in understanding the agenda item during the final meeting.

Allocate different actions to individuals. It will make them accountable and you will have a record of who is doing what task. Mark every Project Action Log in bullets form. You can also identify them as numbers. During the final meeting, it will be easy for you to refer an action by its number. Give each action a deadline. It will give you a sense of when the work must be completed. The deadline will also help the other workers to be committed to their work. When you will set dates for a task to be completed, you will be able to manage the progress easily.

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Try to make simple and easy Project Action Logs. Be specific, and keep it concise. Never abbreviate actions in it. Don’t make it too complicated. The simpler you make, the easier it will be for you to explain during the final presentation. Keep only the main points intact in Project Action Log. Don’t add every tiny detail in the Project Action Log. You are not asked to create a historical record of everything. You just have to note down the important details in the Action Log. Don’t worry about noting each and everything unnecessarily.

Always close the actions when they are done. When you are using a spreadsheet, apply filters that show the tasks with an opening and closing status. This will definitely reduce the likelihood of annoying someone for a task that they have already completed. This can be very irritating for them. After the successful completion of action, it should be marked as “Done”.

The action taker must take the responsibility of reading out each and every action recorded in the Project Action Log. Allow all the participants to make any changes in the log or to clarify any point. After making required changes, email the updated copy of Action Log to every participant. At the start of new meeting, the Action Log must be reviewed once.