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Memorandum, also called memo, is a crucial official document which has a specific format and follows the policies of the business organizations describing the important notifications. One has to be very careful while writing official business memos as it may deteriorate the core value and the official message to be conveyed through it. Make sure that the Office Memo is free of any errors and hence it is advised to proofread it and follow the formal and standard format while writing. The basic memo is categorized into various segments, each describing its message clearly and specifically. This is done so as to make the Office Memo effective and fulfill the purpose. Below is a description of the key elements that must be included in an Office Memo Template along with the format.

Heading Segment

Office Memorandum is started with heading section. The heading here does not mean the title or topic, rather the address as mentioned underneath. This must be error free and the subject should be crisp, clear and short.

  • To: (Name of reader(s) and title)
  • From: (Name of writer and title)
  • Date: (Current, DD/MM/YY)
  • Subject: (Highlight)

Opening Segment

This section describes the main purpose of memorandum. Since, it is the core beginning of the Office Memo, ensure that you make proper usage of the words while specifying your message. The further elements in this section are as followed:

  • Purpose of this Office Memorandum
  • Context of memo along with the problem/issue
  • Particular task
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A Brief introduction of the main subject or the purpose of Office Memo is important to provide an overview to reader(s) about the memo being delivered. The context for writing Office Memo must be specific and not vague. The reader must easily understand the purpose but this should not be too long.

This section describes the situation or occurrence of the problem to be solved. It is better to keep it concise and deliver the content in few sentences. The aim is just to explain the issue to the reader. Thus, clearly write the context as per the requirements and try to be as much specific as possible and do not beat behind the bush. Hence, if the memo is written as per the standard format, it is less likely to have errors and will be more effective.

Task Segment

Task segment carries a good weight-age of the Office Memorandum therefore be careful while you deliver this section. In this task statement, one has to explain all essential steps that you are planning to solve the issue. Mention all possible details in order to come to the right and appropriate decision. But remember, writing in detail never means that you will exaggerate unnecessarily. Thus, give to the point information which is apt and specific.

Summary Segment

The length of Office Memo is not restricted to any particular number or range because it depends on the situation and subject of memo. If your memo is already more than one page, it is required to design a separate segment for summary. This section is crucial for longer memorandums but it is always good to have a summary in brief. This segment must include key recommendations as it will help the reader to get a better understanding.

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Discussion Segment

This section of Office Memo is little longer in length and includes full details in support of subject and context of the memo. It includes important points, key findings along with appropriate recommendations. It is advised to begin with general information and then gradually mention the important facts in support of details and reasons behind them. Do mention both the strong and weak points to influence readers and also to recommend a specific action related to the issue mentioned.

Closing Segment

Once the complete details are mentioned, a courteous closing to Office Memo will give it a professional touch. This segment provides useful information to the reader about the desired actions.

Important Attachments

Remember to attach necessary tables, exhibits, graphics or any other important documents with Office Memo.


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