Nail Services Salon Price List Template

Just like any other business, salons, spas, beauty parlors and hairdressing shops are also a part of a big industry and whether you realize it or not, it is a growing business. When you have a good amount of clientele and you want them to see your shop as reputed and well-known, you should design Salon Menu Price List. This will be the document that shows the services you provide and charges for each of them. Not only that the incoming customers won’t need to ask the receptionist about the services and their charges but by putting the Price List somewhere near the entrance will save a lot of time for your customers and staff members. There are many websites on the internet where you can find already made Salon Menu Price Lists but if you want to create and design your own price list so it won’t match to anyone else’s list, take a look at below items to mention in the price list and the guidelines to create one.

Key Elements to mention in the Price List:

  • Name of the Salon along with the name of the owner
  • Street address and contact numbers of the staff members
  • Complete list of the services you offer in your salon shop
  • Price for each service offered at your place
  • Special discounts that you offer to your customers
  • Explanation of each service (if applicable i.e. if there is enough space on the menu)
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Guidelines to design Salon Menu Price List:

  • The most important thing to consider and start the designing of your salon price list is to decide on the type of the paper you want to use for the designing. You can use white paper but that is very common and if you just want to create something unique and different, use a bright colored printing paper.
  • Next thing is the format of the price list that you are designing. If you have various types of services available at your shop, you should separate them in different categories so the customers can easily browse through the categories and find their desired service and its price. On the other hand, if you only offer a couple of basic hair and shaving services, just make a simple list with name of each service.
  • Now comes the most important part of the designing which is the price of each service. You should understand the importance of pricing your services and making sure to put the appropriate price for each service. You don’t want to put lower prices for your services as it will cause your business loss where on the other hand, you also shouldn’t put too much high prices for the services either.
  • Most of the customers who will take a look at the price list will evaluate the services and assess if they want to get the service depending on the price. They won’t wait for you to get free and negotiate on the price. This means if you are offering any kind of discounts or get one service and the other one is free kind of deal, you should mention it on the list.