Memorandum Template Example

Memorandum is a medium to communicate key information within and outside an organization. The communicative information is circulated and the inference is analyzed which is based on a single clear call to action. There are many forms of memorandum like memorandum of understanding, a policy memo, memorandum of agreement, or memorandum of association. It could be one page information or could involve several sheets. Writing memos might seem simple but you have to be a real tricky with jotting an effective memorandums. Following the stated tips will help you to draft a composed memorandum.

  • Screen your audience. If any information has to be circulated then it is necessary to ponder that who is going to perceive it therefore knowing your audience will help you to write a good memo, moreover it is necessary to understand the level of approach your audience have, therefore write the memorandum in such a language that it could be understood by the targeted audiences.
  • A memo does not mean that you have to go into unnecessary details .Stick to the key elements and the subject and deliver the message directly.
  • The memo comprises of introduction, body and the conclusion, therefore make these three sections distinct with your language, fonts and heading .It will help to deliver the message in a systematized format.
  • If your company has set some rules or format for writing memorandum then you have to follow it because deviation from the standard will create an un-loyal impression on the reader. If the standard format is saved and store in the company’s computer, download it for simple filling.
  • It is obligatory that the content of the memorandum is written in a clear, error free and precise style which could be clearly understood even by a weak reader.
  • Unnecessary complex language and lengthy text will make the memorandum ineffective and boring. Nobody likes to read lengthy information; therefore, creating appendices for heavy data will be useful.
  • Use fonts and decorative text styles to highlight the main points of your content.
  • Don’t write any research based information without the citation and references as your writing will look incomplete without such references.
  • This is an official type of document therefore greetings and salutations are not required. A straightforward text is more effective in the memorandum, discussing on the relevant subject.
  • Bulleted lists and headings are always helpful to convey your message.
  • An engaging closing statement will divert the receiver’s attention to the basic matter and he will respond promptly. The conclusion should be debated with sound evidence to incorporate strength in your memorandum
  • The attachments are described at the ending portion of the memorandum.
  • Make sure to edit and proofread your memo before sending.
  • A drafted memorandum is a good option because it will minimize the error as you can edit it several times because it may happen that even upon editing the reader catch any error in your memorandum therefore a drafted memorandum is chosen to make necessary alterations when needed.