Memo Template with Arrowhead

The Content of the Memo will differ depending on who you are sending the memo to. The style and the tone of an Official Memo will vary from audience to audience. If you are sending a memo to your colleagues about an office party, the tone of the memo may be jaunty. However, if it is a report to your superior, it will be formal and deferential.

The language that an Official Memo is written in should be professional. If the language is too casual, no one will take it seriously. They may even not read the whole memo. Again these are all busy people. So, get to the point and quickly.

The font style and size of the memo should be standard. The size should not be too small. An 11 or 12 point is the standard font size for official verbal communication. For font size, choose a simple one like Calibri or Times New Roman style. This all goes to the memo being easy to read.

The heading of the Official Memo should be “Memo” to avoid confusion. Begin with whom you are writing to, then your name and designation, the date, the subject, or a brief summary of what it is about. Next give the reason why the memo is being written. This should be clear and concise. Then write the body of the memo. This is typically two or four paragraphs long. The memo should not be more than one or two pages. Add a summary at the end but this is optional. Add a conclusion. Sign it. Review the memo before sending it out.

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Memo Template with Arrowhead Word



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