Letter of Transmittal Templates

Transmittal Letter is accompanied with a long document or some large item. This letter is used to convey a specific context of the document to the recipient, and at the same time keep a permanent record of the document sent. Cover letters, usually used with resumes or job application forms which are sent to the companies, are an example of Transmittal Letters. So, the Transmittal Letters moving in and produced by different businesses, companies or individuals accompany important documents or other material.

Transmittal Letter serves to introduce the long document accompanied with it. In a paragraph, it is described what is being sent and why. The second paragraph tells the brief summary or key elements of the document attached by providing the recipient with useful information. The third part closes the letter by thanking or complimenting the recipient for the business; it establishes goodwill of the sender on the recipient in a professional way. You can also mention your business contact information for the recipient if it is your first contact.

Though the Transmittal Letter is a formal business letter, it must be printed on a company’s letterhead. Using the standard letter format, date, name of recipient and address is included. Like other formal letters, Transmittal Letter also ends with the sender’s signature and title. The letter usually consists of one page information which is required to highlight the critical points of the accompanied document.

While writing Transmittal Letter, keep your language and content very clear and concise. Recipient should be able to read and understand the instructions mentioned within it without difficulty. One-page length is enough to brief the document; lengthier letter may lose the focus or purpose of preparing it. Dates and deadlines must be stated clearly and without errors. It is important especially in case when the document is time sensitive. Mention the title of the accompanied document, and outline of the major important section of the document enclosed. To give more weight to the content of your Transmittal Letter, you can add answers of the questions asked by the client not covered in the company’s literature.

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Some companies or organizations have their own policies and rules to use Transmittal Letters. While writing this letter, it is necessary to address the client and mention his/her title. It becomes more essential when the document you are sending is sensitive. It may be a bid, report, proposal, quotation, or response to a special request. So addressing the (recipient) client is required to make sure the letter is received by correct body.

Though composing a Transmittal Letter is easy, but some people don’t feel comfortable in throwing Transmittal Letters immediately. Usually people avoid these letters as they don’t know what to include in it. This is usually the resistance when they feel that it may end up including either too less or too long details. This is the fact that wrong composing of Transmittal Letter may even end up in the damage to the business relationship. So be careful for your words! Taking help from a professional writer is better when you are not expert on composing letters.