Job Sheet Template

The importance of Job Sheets in an industrial unit cannot be stressed enough. It is a useful tool in big and small industrial units. It is a tool that ensures efficiency and effectiveness from staff members, high and low. A Job Sheet helps supervisors, managers, and general managers to define job descriptions that are suitable for subordinate staff members. It typically covers a single job. It also outlines the roles, responsibilities, and tasks for a particular job. In other words, a Job Sheet improves business processes that, in turn, increase productivity of individual employees.

For creating a Job Sheet for an industrial unit, you need to include some mandatory fields. It should have the client name and the job description to begin with. It should also have a box that an employee can check after the job is done. A field to explain or elaborate on the requirements of the job should be considered. This will ensure that an employee does not have to wait for clearer instructions to carry out a task efficiently and in time. If there are loopholes in the current business process, fill them up in the Job Sheet. The job of the administrative department is here taken up by the Job Sheet. It makes the process simpler for you and your employees.

If you have an old staff of employees, you may want to sit down with them to figure out what to put in the Job Sheet and how to implement it. This is so that employees don’t feel uncomfortable while filling it in. Established business processes take time to change. However, if your industrial unit sees a high turnover of temporary workers, it will be much easier for you to implement a Job Sheet that you prefer. You must make it mandatory to fill in the Job Sheet after every job. You must also impress upon your staff members that filling in the Job Sheet incorrectly or not filling it in at all could have serious implications.

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A Job Sheet should have the name of the reporting firm and the reporter. It should have the job number also. The job date and the turn-in date should also be specified. Specifying the job time is essential to Job Sheet. The turnaround time for the job should be mentioned. After this, there should be a table containing the tasks, whether they have been done, the task start date and end date. This section should be carefully filled in by the employees of an industrial unit. The start and end dates of tasks will help you monitoring how much time it takes for an employee to accomplish a certain task. Once you have this information, you can make necessary changes in the way that that specific task is accomplished. You can also provide training for that particular employee.

Other than that, it is a daily report of tasks accomplished in a job. You will have an hour by hour account of the time spent on a particular job. This will help you improve your business processes, make the necessary changes, and improve efficiency of your staff members.

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