Is SANParks A Government Organisation?

As a leading conservation authority, SANParks is a public entity under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Affairs, where inclusive conservation as opposed to previous policies of exclusion, are central to advancing the policies in line with the National Development Framework for Sustainable Development

what is the main purpose of SANParks?

In terms of this act, the primary mandate of SANParks is to oversee the conservation of South Africa’s biodiversity, landscapes and associated heritage assets through a system of national parks.

how many SANParks are there?

There are currently 21 parks in the national park stable plus a head office in Pretoria . These are located in 8 of the 9 provinces, with only Kwa-Zulu Natal having no SANParks‘ run national parks. South Africa is blessed with a range of natural heritage of very different habitat types and experience.

where are SANParks based?

We have two geographically based operations units – one in Kruger and one in Kimberley.

What does SANParks mean?

South African National Parks

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Why is SANParks so important to the South African tourism industry?

SANParks is on a positive trajectory towards making the management of its conservation and tourism estate relevant to the people of South Africa and the World, by ensuring co-operative governance and the continued flow of socio-economic benefits. You may also read, Is Sanskrit a dying language?

How many national parks are there in South Africa?

20 South African National Parks Check the answer of Is Sanskrit a written language?

Is Kruger National Park a heritage site?

Cultural Heritage Sites in Kruger National Park. Numerous historic locations and many prehistoric rock art sites attest to The Kruger National Park’s rich cultural heritage.

Is Kruger National Park a World Heritage Site?

The Park has outstanding natural beauty, Africa’s highest mountain range south of Kilimanjaro, and the largest and most concentrated series of rock art paintings in Africa – making it a World Heritage site of both natural and cultural significance. Read: Is Sanskrit older than Chinese?

What province is the Kruger National Park?

The park lies in the north-east of South Africa, in the eastern parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. Phalaborwa, Limpopo is the only town in South Africa that borders the Kruger National Park. It is one of the largest national parks in the world, with an area of 19,485 square kilometres (7,523 sq mi).

Who is the manager of Kruger National Park?

Velaphi Abraham Sibiya

What is the largest game park in South Africa?

Kruger National Park

Where can I buy a wild card?

You can still buy Wild Card membership at select gates , but you must complete the application process online at, within 45 days of purchase in order to receive your Wild Card. The actual cards are no longer issued at parks and reserves, but are dispatched from a central Pretoria office.

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What classifies a national park?

A national park is a park in use for conservation purposes. Often it is a reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed land that a sovereign state declares or owns. National parks are almost always open to visitors.

How many countries does South Africa border?

Six countries