How Many Questions Is The Pharmacy Technician Exam?

The PTCE is a computer-based exam with 90 multiple-choice questions (80 scored questions and 10 unscored questions).

How hard is it to pass the pharmacy tech test?

Is the PTCB exam hard? A quick look at the numbers says that the PTCB exam has gotten more difficult in recent years. In 2009, the national pass rate for the exam was 72% compared to a 58% pass rate in 2019.

What is a passing score on the pharmacy technician exam?
The passing score and candidate results are reported as scaled scores. The passing scaled score for the PTCE

How do I study for the pharmacy technician exam?

  1. Hit the books. Make sure you look over both your course textbooks AND your class notes. …
  2. Study up on the exam itself. …
  3. Take practice tests. …
  4. Condense your knowledge. …
  5. Schedule out studying. …
  6. Get your head in the game on test day.
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How many questions on the pharmacy technician exam are not actually scored?

Comments for How many PTCE questions are allowed incorrect to pass the exam? The PTCB has 90 items asked across 1 hour and 50 minutes. Ten of the 90 questions do not count toward candidates’ scores. Therefore, only 80 of them count.

What kind of math is on the pharmacy tech test?

The four main components in Pharmacy Math are: Weight, Volume, Temperature and Time. To prepare for the PTCB or ExCPT exam, it’s recommended to know math enough to work out complex word problems and some algebra. Additionally, conversions are referred to in nearly all pharmacy tech math calculations. You may also read, How many questions should a good survey have?

What kind of math do pharmacy technicians use?

On the job, you’ll use math concepts such as percentages, algebra, ratios and fractions to measure out medication, fill prescriptions and keep tabs on the pharmacy’s inventory. It’s important for you to understand math concepts in several measurement systems so customers get the correct amount of medication needed. Check the answer of How many questions should a research interview have?

Can you work as a pharmacy technician without being certified?

Are Pharmacy Technicians required to have certification to practice in California? No, Pharmacy Technicians are not required to have certification.

How much math is on the PTCB exam?

According to the PTCB there is 33% of math on the PTCB Exam. Now, be cautious to this number because depending on the student, the amount of math students say they have on their exam varies drastically. On the other hand, the ExCPT states that their exam has 54% of math. Read: How many questions should a research questionnaire have?

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Can you self study for pharmacy technician?

Many people can, and absolutely love the flexibility that self-study or an online pharmacy tech program offers. So, if you’re simply looking to pass the pharmacy tech national exam and can go through everything on your own and study it, then you could probably pass the PTCB or ExCPT, yes.

What happens if you fail the PTCB exam?

Candidates must apply and pay for each PTCB Certification exam attempt. Candidates who fail a PTCB certification exam must wait 60 days from the most recent attempt to apply for the second and third attempts, and 6 months for attempts thereafter.

Is pharmacy tech hard?

Pharmacy technicians work hard, but their pay reflects that. … That figure varies, up and down, according to where you live and who you work for, but in general, becoming a pharmacy technician pays off in the form of good pay – and excellent promotion prospects in many cases.

How long does it take to get a pharmacy tech license?

It can take anywhere from nine months to two years to complete the training to become a pharmacy technician, depending on your career path. Certificate programs can generally be completed in a year or less, while associate degree programs take closer to two years to complete.

Can you use a calculator on the pharmacy technician exam?

Calculators. A calculator is built into the PTCB exam. … However, if a candidate requests a hand-held calculator and one is available at the test center, the candidate is permitted to use it upon request.

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Is there a lot of math in pharmacy?

A solid understanding of mathematics at the college level is essential to success in a doctor of pharmacy program. A pharmacist uses math to dispense prescriptions, determine dosage levels and prepare formulas.