How Do I Contact Zappos?

Contacting Zappos – by phone or otherwise

While 800-927-7671 is Zappos’s best toll-free number, there are 4 total ways to get in touch with them.

how does Zappos approach customer service?

Also asked, how does Zappos approach customer service?Zappos‘ CEO Tony Hsieh takes an unconventional approach to customer service. Instead, they have everything to do with how satisfied a customer is at the end of a service interaction. Agents don’t use scripts and they never upsell. Zapposcustomer service has one, simple goal: to deliver customer happiness.

what carrier does Zappos use?

Once an order has shipped out, we will send you an email with the tracking number. Just click on the link and it will take you to the UPS, FedEx or USPS website, depending on who shipped your package.

why does Zappos have great customer service?

The purpose is to create a culture of happy and committed individuals that believe in the Zappos customer service philosophy. In turn, a team whose happiness is taken seriously and is empowered to “do whatever they feel is the right thing to do” will result in producing equally happy and loyal customers.

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Are returns free at Zappos?

FREE 365 DAY RETURNS Return shipping from anywhere in the United States is always FREE. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from Zappos, you can return your qualifying item(s) for a full refund within 365 days of purchase – no catches or exceptions!

Is Zappos owned by Amazon?

The deal is done, and we’re still digesting the news: Amazon has acquired Zappos for $850 million. The acquisition, confirmed by both sides, places the popular online apparel and footwear company squarely in the control of Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos. You may also read, How do I contact Zynga about Words With Friends?

Where do Zappos returns go?

You may drop off your return at any authorized UPS shipping location, but please do not drop your return off at a drop box. To find the nearest authorized shipping location, please visit Check the answer of How do I continue a half downloaded file?

Where does the owner of Zappos live?

Tony Hsieh has a net worth of about $840 million, but rather than buy a desert mansion outside the Zappos campus in Las Vegas, Nevada, he’s planted his roots in a trailer park downtown. In 2014, as part of his grand efforts to revitalize the city, Hsieh transformed an abandoned parking lot into a micro-living oasis.

Does Zappos sell real stuff?

Yes, Zappos is a legitimate fashion store. It is not a scam because they are owned by Amazon which is a world reputable company. They have been online and selling high-quality products for a very long time without problem. Read: How do I continue numbering in footer in Word?

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Who is the owner of Zappos?

How successful is Zappos?

By all accounts, Zappos is a successful company. The shoe company was acquired by Amazon in 2009 in a deal valued at $1.2 billion, has been lauded in the press for its exceptionally high levels of customer service, and is praised time and time again as one of the best places to work for employees.

What does Zappos do with returned shoes?

What happens to shoes after they’re returned to Zappos? When a pair of shoes are returned to the warehouse an employee scans in the item and checks it over to ensure that it is undamaged. If the item is in good condition, a refund is issued and the item is re-shelved and available for purchase.

What is special about Zappos?

Since our humble beginnings, Zappos has been a customer-obsessed company that focuses on delivering a WOW experience. We aim to inspire the world by showing it’s possible to simultaneously deliver happiness to customers, as well as employees, vendors, shareholders and the community, in a long-term, sustainable way.

Who has the best customer service?

8 Companies with Exceptional Customer Service Trader Joe’s. I’ve always been a big fan of Trader Joe’s, which, if you’re unfamiliar, is a specialty and privately owned grocery chain. Rackspace. Great service comes to us across all industries. Ritz-Carlton. Wistia. CVS. BufferApp. JetBlue. StudioPress.

Why did Zappos sell to Amazon?

Amazon initially offered to buy Zappos in cash, but that didn’t sit well with us. In our minds, a cash deal felt too much like we were selling the company outright, so we proposed an all-stock transaction. Zappos shareholders would simply trade their stock for Amazon stock.

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