Household Inventory Sheet Template

Losing a home in a calamity is a standout amongst the most obliterating encounters a human can experience, it is the most priceless thing that a human being has and protecting it and the contents it contains is a vital thing. Apart from purchasing enough protection and finding a means to get your family safe, there is one straightforward thing you can perform to ensure yourself and your family is to make a House Inventory Sheet. Why? Since setting up a line after a misfortune for protection or duty reasons for existing is frequently the most agonizing and tedious part of recovery. Likewise, especially after a traumatic misfortune, it’s hard to think of all that you owned, and then a great many people never collect their full protective benefits. This article will offer you some assistance with protecting your possessions and resources by preparing a platter that can be firmly put away and available to you in the event of a misfortune.


There are a number of ways in which you can prepare a house inventory sheet. You can either make use of the digital means such as Microsoft Excel system or if you’re more of a conventional person then a simple pen and paper would do for you. Regardless of the means of documentation, the house inventory sheet should be made with extreme care and attention. Every item on the inventory list needs to be mentioned in detail

Start off your list by dividing it into various sections such as furniture, utensils, jewelry and miscellaneous. You can even sub divide the sections accordingly. For example sub divide the furniture into bedroom ‘A’, bedroom ‘B’ and etc. With every item that you mention, make sure you record details as well such as the estimated price of the item, the date when you bought it, how long has it been, from where you bought it and the price at which you bought a particular item. Often various items on the list might be such that may have varying prices such as any piece of jewelry. Always mention the estimated price or the rate at which you bought it.

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Tips for holding open a soft copy

  • You can always snap some pictures of a particular item and print and paste them along with the details. This will take some time but in the long run would help you in remembering and locating.
  • Make use of varying colored pens to differentiate between the various sections. This would give your inventory list a distinctive and an organized look. Use sticky notes for mentioning of notes to remember them by.
  • Make sure you keep on updating you list every time your purchase or discard an item. Upon discarding, don’t make a new list but with a Blanko remove it or if you’re keeping a soft copy then just hit the backspace!
  • Make various copies of the list and place them in safety. Always hand out a copy to your lawyer as well.