Home Improvement Record List Template

Your house is your safe haven where you spend countless hours with your loved ones. It is that one place which truly reflects you and speaks volumes about you. During the course of your residence at your home, you will be making some changes and improving your home for various reasons such as improving the overall condition of your house, increasing the value or to get a good amount at the time of its sale. These home improvements are not just to help liven up your house but in the long run provide many benefits. This is why it is better to keep a Home Improvement Record which documents everything improvement that you have conducted on your house and how much has it cost you. Making a Home Improvement Record isn’t that hard. All it requires you is to be organized and be keen on documentation.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain and keep a Home Improvement Record:

  1. For better documentation of everything, make sure you attach the receipts of every home improvement that you have conducted. This would help you in the long run to fetch great value if you plan on selling your house.
  2. Ensure that a wide space is allotted for the description of the job. Every little point should be mentioned in this space!
  3. Divide your house into various parts when documenting. This would keep the Home Improvement Record organized and prevent it from looking disorganized. If you have conducted Home Improvement in a particular bedroom then allocate a separate space for it on the Home Improvement Record.
  4. Make sure you mention the cost of each and everything that was involved in Home Improvement. From the material to the labor costs, everything should be mentioned. Yes it will be a bit tiresome but in the long run it will reward you greatly!
  5. Don’t ever record costs and total costs in a round figure. Mention the right value to the last cent! Each little cent can amount to a lot in the total figure.
  6. It is best that you make a Home Improvement Record on a yearly basis if you conduct Home Improvement projects on a regular basis. Maintain a separate file titled Annual Home Improvement Records and make Home Improvement Record slips on an annual basis. Trust us, this will help you in taxes and etc.
  7. Don’t forget to mention details about the contractor you hired to conduct a specific job. It’s all part of the documentation!
  8. If you want, you can always take pictures of the before and after Home Improvement. This would not only give a good look to your record but a few years down the road would help you in estimating the amount of work done.
  9. Make copies. Be on the safe side and make a couple of copies on your computer and as a hard copy as well.