Hairdressing Price List Template

Instead of just providing a simple haircut, these days’ hairdressers provide a wide range of services from coloring to shampoo to changing the hair style to blow dry. This can be a little intimidating for the customers and the shop employees. You can understand how much you hate when you walk in a hairdressing shop and you have to wait for several minutes just to ask if they provide the specific service you require and even if you are told that they provide the service, you have to wait for another 5 minutes before getting the charges for that. Hairdressing Price List can benefit the customer and shop owner in a great way. With a price list hanging on the front door or on the reception counter, your customers won’t need to wait for someone to get free and answer their questions but they can just take a look at the price list and see if they find the service they wanted and if they can afford it or not.

Key elements to mention in a Hairdressing Price List:

  • Name of the hairdressing shop and address
  • Contact information for the customers
  • Timing of the hairdressing shop along with days of the week that you keep the shop open
  • Name of the services that you offer at your place
  • Price for each of the service mention on the list
  • Special discounts that you offer
  • Guidelines for making any appointment before coming in
  • Signature of the manager or owner of the place
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Guidelines to design Hairdressing Price List:

  • When it comes to a price list for hairdressing shop or hair salon, there are many options to consider. You can use a readymade price list that you will find on internet. You will just need to put the written content and images on the list and print it later where on the other hand, if you want something more unique, you can also design your own price list.
  • Besides deciding on the style of the list and the way you will include the content and details on the list, you also need to decide if you will put the price list on the front door or you will make more copies of it and hand it over to the customers.
  • This choice also depends on how much business you get on daily basis. For example, if you only deal with few customers on a regular day, they will know that they won’t need to wait for too long before it’s their turn for the shampoo or a haircut but when you have a very busy place, people will want to make sure you have time for them before coming in so you should also put contact information and appointment details on the list as well.
  • Then it’s time to include the details on the list including the services that you offer and charges for each of them. Here you can either put the services in a list manner of make separate sections for different kind of services i.e. hair related, color related, shampoo related and cutting related services.