Free Letterhead Templates

A creatively designed letterhead is genuinely more effective than a conventional one simply put up on an empty sheet of paper. A letterhead is basically an ideal marketing opportunity not only for brand engagement but also for gaining trust of the readers. Designing an influential letterhead has always been a quirky challenge. Occasionally your letterhead design will be the first interaction a customer has had with a specific company, while at other instances it will be used to revise the brand reorganization. It’s important to get the details right, but to also produce something that’s relevant, impressive, and retains in the memory.

Simplicity is the main formula when it comes to designing an effectual letter head. Since the head is not the content holder rather a means to transfer the content it should not look as if it is speaking more than its purpose. It will not be wrong to call the letter head a support for the main text. It’s important that your letterhead looks and feels great either it’s being held as a hard copy or being displayed as a soft copy, but the design should make way for the content of the letter that’s printed over it. By all means use your design to showcase the content, but don’t try to push it for the reader’s attention. It’s useful to ask yourself whether you’re competing with the content: if you there is a little extra cancel excess content from letterhead design.

For an online letterhead you will require some software for the design. Often at times when it makes sense to use Photoshop as a design tool, and it’s perfectly possible to design a letterhead using Photoshop. However since the letterhead is rather more formal and text rather than begin more illustrative it is ideal to design one using word processors. You are that free to use Illustrator and Indesign, software offer marvelous typography controls. They are also vector based and they allow users to sketch general elements. One drawn you can rotate and transpose them according to your wish more effectively. If you unfortunately only have Photoshop available to you, you ought to remember that print-destined artwork should be produced at 300dpi and if you’re printing your letterheads commercially there will be a bleed requirement (consult with your print supplier).

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It’s not always important to add each and every piece of information on a letterhead. You also should keep in mind about the recipient and incase the main content should be kept slightly confidential do not add on details that link to its secrecy as they may get exposed to the middleman. If it’s particularly meant for the managing director’s secretary, and will always be used just by them, maybe it is sensible to make a direct dial to the secretary’s office. But if it is just for an array of common stock used differently add a general contact. If the company is discontinuing their fax machine, don’t add a fax number. There are also some standardized legal wants for information you may have to include in standard communications with customers, such as registration numbers for accrediting bodies such as Companies House, The Charity Commission and so on. But over those requirements you should ponder over consider what more data is really necessary hence chose only the precise crucial data for your letter head.