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Most are cases where a polite reminder or notice gets ignored, especially when polite approach is used while issuing the initial notices. In every unpleasant and unhealthy environment, a point of no return is always reached and a Final Notice where applicable is often issued. This kind of notice is basically a last chance given to act on something or to stop something. Though this is meant to act as final communication and at sometimes comes with a civil threat. Final Notice should be presented in an official and communicative manner to serve the purpose in good faith. Below are five Final Notice writing style guide.


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Two Weeks Notice Letter Template




Irrespective that you are issuing a Final Notice, be it in a letter form or board letter, salutation is important as it acts as a reminder that you are not in conflict. The Final Notice is not meant to act as if there is no chance of the parties ever meeting again in life. Going straight to the point without proper salutation e.g. dear sir, or madam, may result to the targeted party to take matters personally. You never know where your strength is and though this is the last choice you have the party should still form part of your network.


As this is the Final Notice, it’s important for the burden to be felt by the party you are issuing this to. This can be achieved by making sure to include references of the previous fruitless notices. In doing this, the other party will justify your action and final decisions as factual. In the events where a party missed the previous notices, this will serve to alert them that such existed. This is mostly witnessed where a by the time of issuance of notice the target was not around or the initial notices never saw their desk at all due to change of address and many other inevitable circumstances.

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Smooth Transition

In situations where the Final Notice is serving to vacate someone from rented apartments, houses, office etc., you should give it the best to see that a smooth transition is achieved. If the notice requires them to settle bills before deposits can be refunded, bring the point forward in a positive intonation that will not portray brutal language. Words like ‘’kindly’’ and ‘’with all due respect’’ can assist in achieving a smooth transition.


In most situations people end up issuing serious threats through Final Notice without their knowledge that legal charges can be filed against them. It is advisable to use polite and formal words when informing the targeted party of the repercussions or consequences of not honoring the Final Notice. Phrases like “we will initiate or seek legal proceedings in settling the matter” can be used. By choosing the right words the Final Notice stands clean witness within the legal proceedings.

In conclusion, always remember that Final Notice is a formal and official communication just like the rest written communications and letter thus formality should be observed in order to achieve the purpose on time.