Fax Cover Sheet with Blinded Border

Business Fax Cover Sheet Design will allow you to be able to mange fax messages efficiently and make your business a lot more professional. This type of fax cover sheets can be found in Microsoft Word document so they are fairly customable and easy to use. Business fax cover sheet will provide necessary fields for your fax details such as sender and recipient’s information, fax number, page number, and area for notes or comments. This type of fax cover sheet also features customizable fields for your company information like logo, contact address and name of the business. This feature of information can be used to widely distribute the company’s contact information and to some point act as an indirect marketing strategy of the company.

Personal Fax Covers Sheet Design

Personal Fax Cover Sheet Design will provide you with enough room to create you specific fax cover sheet for you business or organization. It will also provide fields for phone numbers, sender and fax number. This will also feature a simple and clean template.


Confidential Fax Covers Sheet Design

This type of Fax Cover Sheet Design allows sending confidential and sensitive information. You can have a privacy notice at the bottom of this fax cover sheet. This privacy notice will prohibit unnecessary disclosure of the fax’s contents. Confidential fax cover sheet is a presentable fax cover sheet that includes a statement of confidentiality and is clearly labeled as ‘Confidential’.

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Urgent Fax Cover Sheet

Urgent Fax Cover Sheet Design is printable fax cover sheets that will help you to convey the urgency and the importance of the fax message. It should be clearly labeled as ‘Urgent’ in bold letters.


Holiday Fax Covers Sheet Design

Holiday fax cover sheet will allow you to send a specific fax cover sheets for any fax message for holiday seasons. Holiday fax cover sheets will feature holiday season themes with fancy words like season greetings and also includes a form for filling fax information.


Kids Fax Cover Sheet Design

Kids fun cover sheet allows the kids to send and receive fax messages from schools friends or any other kids-friendly setting. This type of fax cover sheets can only be used on friendly fax messages and can include cartoons and other kid’s drawings.