Excel Bank Reconciliation Statement Format

Looking for a professional excel format Bank reconciliation statement? but first you need to know how it can work for your company file. A bank statement is based on the confusion model of transactions and their consolidated justification with the bank which may be due to several reasons.

But the statement itself is only the actual record of transactions as instructed by the account holder. If there is an error due to the bank representative’s data configuration problem, it is reviewed and corrected and presented to the bank account owner to take the record and continue the confusion.

Although banks keep this money and issue and request money directly on the instructions of an account holder, every document from the bank is proof of a transaction and is quite questionable for any service taken out.

Banks also energize their fair treatment by sending the complete record of financial transactions and response to duly created confusions between the client’s file and the bank account throughout the year, this documented proof indicates all the reasons and the issue money categorical by time and date.

Factors in the Bank Reconciliation Statement

Usually, there are typical reasons which raise the requirement of bank reconciliation statement to rectify the records at both ends to withstand any challenge that can lead to a big financial black hour. A small input error can result in a big hole in a financial record by the end of the fiscal year, which can drown out both the bank and the business.

In order to avoid such major confusions, it is highly recommended to slow down and remerge the entire transaction record first and numb the mistakes at the right time.

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Trapped in the exigency of modern corporate culture, there are so many complications in keeping records and getting the final numbers right by the end of the business years.

A similar dilemma exists for financial records management where several different inputs make the process too complex to handle manually by notes. This necessity dictates the requirement for a strong and assertive procedure to record and keep inputs in a safe hook where the final digits are fully patchable.

Taking the reasons further in financial management, nowadays most of the companies prefer their financial transactions through banks, check payment and other means of transactions, these companies add value to transactions and its nature mode to their free cash book holdings.

But these entries sometimes cause problems and complications at the end of the financial year when the total business transactions are compared to a bank’s record where the total money has been kept.

Usually, there are common reasons for these financial mismatches and all of them can be rectified using the bank reconciliation statement verification system. The reasons for mismatch are listed below;

  • Not enough funds
  • Hidden service charges
  • Verify rejection due to signature issues
  • Taxes applied and other charges that the company may delay to count