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A teacher must have a particular perception of preparing Lesson Plan, the objectives he has aimed for and standard competence. It is must to have a Lesson Plan for English. It ensures that in the educational system the English lessons are taught to meet standard criteria. Regardless the plans made for the English lesson, the instructor must ensure that the strategies and methods used will help the students move systematically to achieve their goals. The more organized a teacher keeps himself, the more effectively he will teach. They must update their Lesson Plan for English on regular basis. Here are some methods of preparing Lesson Plan for English.

The content for Lesson Plan for English must be chosen according to the level of students. The instructor must see the needs of the students and then plan the lesson. This method of preparing English lesson will be very appealing for the students. They will find the Lesson Plan interesting. A good teacher always develops a plan that provides the right direction to achieve the objectives of learning. The sequence of teaching items must be according to the methodology they opt for. The content of the Lesson Plan depends on the sequence. The sequence can be easy as well as difficult.

The instructor must be able to manage the time effectively. An effective teacher plans the lesson carefully. He ensures that the Lesson Plan which is developed results in the productivity and better efficiency of students. The teacher must keep some important Lesson Plans for the students:

English Grammar:

The instructor must arrange grammar lesson in different categories. He should work on English tenses. The instructor must create a positive learning experience. It is very important when teaching the students Lesson Plan for English.

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Introduction to New Topics:

The most important skill of a teacher is that he must know how to introduce new topics to the students. Write about the new topics on board and explain it to students. Tell them about the new topics you are going to discuss with them. Give them different worksheets. Encourage them to ask question regarding topics. Let the students have class discussion.

Work with Multiple Student Interaction:

All the students are different from each another. Some love working alone, while others prefer working in groups. Let them interact with each other to discuss on different topics. Encourage them to speak on different topics.

Work with Different Learning Styles:

Every student learns and works differently. Some understand by looking at the information, while others need to hear it. Some students literally want their hands on it. If you feel that they have been reading for a long time, come up with hands on activity. Put their knowledge to use.

Listening Skills:

An effective way of teaching the students is to work on their listening skills as well. Plan a class activity to develop listening skills in Lesson Plan for English. Read out a story in the class and later ask the students to answer some question related to the story.

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