Elementary Lesson Plan Template

A Lesson Plan is actually the instructor’s road map to make the students learn and grasp new ideas quickly. The essential part of a Lesson Plan is to know the objectives first. Then, you can create appropriate and relevant learning activities. The instructor must know the key components of a successful Lesson Plan, objectives of the Lesson Plan, teaching and learning activities, and strategies to check the student’s performance. Following are some Elementary Lesson Plan tips and guidelines for instructors. These tips will guide to prepare a full fledge Lesson Plan for the elementary classes. These steps are designed for the ease of both teaching and learning abilities.


Elementary Lesson Plan Template Pdf



Elementary School Lesson Plan Template



Outline the Learning Objectives:

First figure out what you actually expect the students to learn at the end of class. Once you outline the objective for the Elementary Lesson Plan, rank the lesson points according to their importance. It will help you to manage the time and achieve your goals smoothly. You should focus on giving the important concepts and ideas to the students. Plan the lesson in such a way if you run out of time, which topic can be skipped.

Give the Introduction:

After designing the activities for Elementary Lesson Plan, select an activity which you would like to start with the students. You can start the topic by asking a question from the students. As students have different background, chances are there that some students will be familiar of the topic. In this way you will know about the knowledge of each student. Start by giving a creative introduction of the topic. It will not only stimulate the student’s interest but also encourage them to fully participate in class activities. Try to share additional information regarding your topic; you will have the idea of student’s familiarity with the topic. Summarize the topic and ask the students to write it down.

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Planning of Specific Learning Activities in Class:

You can explain a topic to students in different ways. Choose the best and simplest way to explain the students. Estimate the time required to explain each topic in Elementary Lesson Plan. Manage time for topics that is required for extending information. Illustrate the topic in different ways for better understanding. Try to engage the students by giving exciting examples. Give some real life examples so that students have better understanding of the topic.

Check the Students’ Understanding:

When you have explained the topic with different examples, you should ensure that the students have gained better understanding of it through your Elementary Lesson Plans. Make a list of questions that you would ask the students after completing a topic. Before starting a new topic, prepare questions that you think will be productive for the discussion. Think of questions that would side track the class environment. Besides achieving your goal, you should make sure that the students understand the topic. You can also ask the students to write answers to some questions, so that after reviewing their answers you can gauge their understanding of the topic.


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