Efficiency Award Template

It is the incarnation of every award that makes the award outstanding and appealing. As sole purpose of especially of efficiency award is to appreciate the receiving party. The design should be unique in all the ways. In designing of efficiency award the sculptor should put the following Efficiency Award Design guidelines into consideration.


When putting down notes on an Efficiency Award Design, the sculptor should put into consideration the texture they intend to use as there are limited options for the choice of the texture in this award. Not all textures fit this award; this being an appreciation award the texture should be more of a fragile material to symbolize efficiency in maintenance of the award as well. Wooden and metallic materials and texture are brutally wrong choices. On this award, the preferable and best choice is glass, as the award represents efficiency; the transparency of the glass matches the theme of the award.


For the perfect results when creating an Efficiency Award Design, one should think of a unique shape that goes with the theme of the award. The shape on its own should indicate that it is an efficiency award from the look alone from the marble base , felt pads, column and the figurine the expression that it is an efficiency award should shout. Designing a column between the base of the award and the figurine normally gives more ideas for a unique shape.


The figurine is the statue that is placed on top of the award column to describe the type of the award in seeing. In most cases the award comprises higher percentage of the figurine, as discussed above on using glass as the best choice for the Efficiency Award Design, the award is likely to have no column in most cases and therefore the whole structure will comprise of the figurine. Shaping glass into one object less of partitions ensure its stability and durability. The figurine goes with the occasion the efficiency award is for and therefore the sculptor should watch to see that the figurine and the occasion match.

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The size of an efficient award is a key determinant for a perfect award when doing an Efficiency Award Design; the sculptor should make sure to define a size that will be bearable. Anything from 15cm to 25cm will work for this award. It is always good to remember that the larger an award is the less unique it becomes.


An efficient award weight should be between 1kilograms. Anything above this will be considered heavy to carry and maintain. This should not be a problem but an award and therefore manageable weight is advised.

Color and Engraving

The final step toward Efficiency Award Design is choosing the color and the engraving styles. As we went for the glass option, the coloring should be partial and transparent while the engraving should be well placed and visible enough. With this put into consideration, the award will be set to be presented.